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  1. TheLongshot

    The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Little surprised no one posted the Jason Momoa/Aquaman image that came out last night. Edit: because it is in the other thread. Well, it needs to be here as well...
  2. TheLongshot

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I also read this yesterday. It looks like many of the script fragments posted in the article were removed, but you should get the gist.
  3. TheLongshot

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Marvel has wanted Spider-Man for Civil War for a while now, because he's an important character to that storyline. There isn't anything rushed about this. I'm sure Marvel has been negotiating with Sony for a long time about this. BTW, I was amused at Sony's tweet about this... "Sony Pictures Entertainment Brings Marvel Studios Into The Amazing World Of Spider-Man" Really?
  4. TheLongshot

    The House that Bruce Built

    Translation of long rant: Fans don't trust Dan Snyder to hire competent people to run the football operation, no matter who he hires. To be honest, I think this will continue until the team wins. Until then, fans will pick apart every decision. Again, I think Allen has had a solid offseason, but this was a 3-13 team that well deserved the record they got last year, and expecting it to be much better, particularly with all the injuries we have had so far, is a pipe dream. I mean, we are missing our starting QB, starting TE, our starting nose tackle and our #1 CB. To be honest, we are fortunate we've had backups who can fill in at those positions, or else things could be even more dreadful. Personally, I think there is hope, because outside of the last game, we've been in all of these. I never said you were, more responding to the thread in general.
  5. TheLongshot

    The House that Bruce Built

    People forget that Dan and Bruce met at the Senior Bowl and talked. There were some rumors at the time that Bruce was going to join the organization in some manner at the time, but nothing came of it. I think no matter what, Vinny was going to be gone. Too much damage was done by that point. Personally, I'm not sold that Dan really wanted to give Vinny the job in the first place. I mean, if he was going to get it, you think it would have been years ago. I think the only reason why Vinny got the job was because Gibbs recommended him for the position. I don't think the hiring of Bruce had much to do with Shanahan, other than Shanahan wouldn't work with Vinny. I think Bruce's ties with the organization's past (through his father) is a big reason why he was hired, as well as agreeing to the power structure.
  6. TheLongshot

    The House that Bruce Built

    Dan Snyder does. Bruce was hired with the understanding that Shanahan was going to be the head coach and have personnel control. Beyond that, Snyder handed off the responsibility to Shanahan.
  7. TheLongshot

    The House that Bruce Built

    And we have that guy. His name is Scott Campbell. Director Of Player Personnel. Except that's the way it works for most teams. Course, the assumption is that the majority of our defensive woes are because of Haslett and we'd be better off without him. I don't think the defensive performance has reflected that perception. So far, the front 7 has mostly played up to expectations, being stout against the run and there is a lot of hustle to make tackles. The problem has come from the long-neglected secondary, where the lack of experience and talent is really hurting us right now. I don't think a change in DC would change much on the defensive side of the ball right now. Bruce does have the responsibility of who he had hired as the personnel department and their performance. Certainly, you can question that. That being said, I think he had a solid offseason and his FO has found a good selection of young players who are contributing. You can second guess a lot of decisions, tho I'd be interested to see what the alternatives would have been.
  8. TheLongshot

    The House that Bruce Built

    2. Some people don't seem to understand what a GM does. He's not simply the personnel guy, but runs every aspect of the football operation. Being a personnel guy isn't a requirement. He's as much a real GM as any other GM in the NFL. 4. I don't get how knowing Gruden before hiring him is a bad thing. I would think knowing a lot about a candidate would be a positive. I guess one can argue that we didn't cast a broad net, but I think most teams are focused on just a few candidates and generally know who they want to hire. 5. I personally wouldn't like it if the GM was dictating who the head coach should hire as assistants. I know people here hate Haslett with a passion, but he's the guy Gruden wanted to work with. Also, let's be honest here: whether Haslett was here or not, the secondary would still suck. (You want Morris to be the DC? He's overseeing the worst unit on the defense.) Personally, I shake my head that less than a year into the job, people are laying into him. Guys, this team was a well deserved 3-13 last year. Expecting a miracle turnaround, especially with the injuries we have been collecting, is really unrealistic.
  9. TheLongshot

    The House that Bruce Built

    Just as a note, Jay Gruden does have previous experience as a head coach, just not at the NFL level. (8 years in Arena Football League, one in the UFL.) As for the draft, it isn't about filling immediate holes, but also setting yourself up for the future. To be honest, once you get past the second round, the pool of immediate starters goes down sharply. Also, let's not pretend this OL was one RT away from greatness. Outside Williams and Lichtensteiger, our personnel is pretty woeful. Polumbus wasn't even the worst OL last year. That went to Chester. So, not only did we need a RT, we also needed at least one guard, maybe two. Personally, with what everyone was saying about LeReibus, I was hoping he'd take over Chester's spot while Lauvao fills in long enough for Long to get ready. I wasn't happy about Polumbus still sticking around, but the cupboard was pretty bare.
  10. TheLongshot

    The House that Bruce Built

    Kinda hard to have much of an effect when the previous guy in charge made OL a low priority. We've been mostly working with castoffs from other teams and hoping late round picks develop. I'm hoping drafting Moses and Long lead to the OL rebuild that should have happened 4 years ago.
  11. I've mostly been keeping out of this thread, but I feel I need to make some general comments that aren't a response to anyone. Personally, I'm still a supporter of the name, despite those around me who feel otherwise. Personally, I can't judge whether Redskins is offensive to Native Americans (tho, given the disagreement about that, putting it on the level of the N-Word seems a bit over-the-top), but what I can speak to is the context that most associate the term with the football team in Washington. In that context, I don't see anything offensive. The team seems to treat its representation of Native Americans with respect. If there were cases like the Tomahawk Chop or Chief Wahoo associated with this team, I might understand the arguments. If there were people using the team as an inspiration for discrimination, I might understand the arguments. But, I'm not seeing it and the people against the name aren't making those kind of arguments, just that the name is offensive to some people. The thing that gets me about all this is, after all the effort and money spent, what does this do for Native Americans? As far as I can tell, very little. Changing the name won't do anything about racism. Changing the name won't make the lives of Native Americans any better. I know Snyder has been derided for setting up a foundation, but isn't that better than just a name change and sweeping the problems of Native Americans under the rug? Certainly that will happen if a name change does come about.
  12. I doubt I'll ever get sick of the comic book movies. Just too many properties worth making movies out there to do. As an example, before X-Men:DoFP, there was a trailer for Kingsmen: The Secret Service, which I hadn't heard of. Directed by Mathew Vaughn and based on a Mike Millar comic, it has Michael Caine and Colin Firth teaching young spies. It all sounds good to me.
  13. While historically it has been true, good movies have been bleeding back as far as Feb now. I mean, look at 'The LEGO Movie', or 'The Winter Soldier' Course, I remember when 'The Matrix' came out on an April, and that was considered very early at the time when the summer season was thought to start around Memorial Day. So no, February isn't considered a death sentence anymore. But, being pushed back from the summer to Feb isn't a good sign, particularly with the short notice. The hope is that it does the film some good, but many times there isn't much you can do in the editing room to fix what is broken. Don't know if they are going to do some reshoots. BTW, you missed another sign of a bad movie: the film wasn't screened for reviews.
  14. Catching up a bit here. Yeah, that second Hercules trailer was less impressive than the first. Hopefully it lands somewhere in the middle. Kinda bummed about Jupiter Ascending. I'm actually been quite happy with the Wachoski's output since the Matrix, tho given that it hasn't always delivered at the box office, I can see why WB is wary. Adding a couple of animated films that I hadn't heard about before but look interesting: Song Of The Sea, done by the director of Secret Of Kells: The Book Of Life:
  15. TheLongshot

    The Beer Thread

    Just got an e-mail from Total Wine that they are now carrying Sweet Water Brewing Co beer. I've had their 420 when I visited Atlanta, so it will be good that I can get it locally.