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10 Year Anniversary: Pokemania sweeps America


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Exactly a decade ago, the combination of games, a tv show, toys, cards and the announcement of a new movie caused the mass explosive of a franchise called "Pokemon" to go through the roof. Unlike any pop culture explosion before it, kids became addicted to the creatures, collecting the cards and spending hours on end playing two games known as Pokemon Red and Blue version, which released in September of 1998 which sold 8.7 million units and have the Guiness World Record for Best Selling RPG of all-time. The 20th century had a late but certainly massive addition to its popular culture. Many even feared the influence these creatures had on kids. The explosion was so massive that it spawned this TIME Magazine cover in November of 1999.

The title of the article..."Beware of the Pokemania"

NOVEMBER 22, 1999


So my question is, who was engulfed in the phenomenon at the time whether it was playing it, collecting the cards, watching the show, telling your kids you'll get them a deck later, thinking it's stupid etc. It's hard to imagine today, something just exploding like Pokemon did. Alot of imitations ie Yu Gi Oh tried to copy its success but didn't come even close.

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I wanna be the very best

like no one ever was

to catch them is my real test

to train them is my cause

I will travel across the land

searching far and wide

each Pokemon to understand

the power that's inside


gotta catch'em all (it's you and me)

I know it's my destiny


oooh your my best friend

in a world we must defend


gotta catch'em all (a heart so true)

our courage will pull us through

you teach me and i teach you

Pokemon gotta catch'am all

gotta catch'em all

every challenge along the way

with courage i will face

i will battle every day

to claim my rightful place

come with me the time is right

there's no better team

arm and arm we'll win the fight

it's always been our dream

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Nostalgia over something that happened like yesterday it seems.

My son was into Pokemon. Me, I preferred Digimon. Much better cartoon.

Yuh-Gi-Oh far eclipsed Pokemon in my son's eyes, though.


Well, it's not really nostalgia as I'd rather not relive my stupidity buut...

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There were people in my middle school that were obsessed with it. I was still into collecting sports cards and not cartoons!
I did both, I have tons of wonderful baseball cards, including a Nolan Ryan rookie Angles card :cool:

I also have a gold-infused Nolan Ryan Texas Rangers card.

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I was big into pokemon. I remember when my friend got the Red version for his birthday. It prompted me to go out and buy a Gameboy Color (I still had the DMG at that point) and the Blue version. Good times.

I have a friend who still religiously buys the games and watches the show.

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Man, I remember this. I was 19, going to community college, and working in possibly the worst place ever for this fad...a video store.

Yeah...the damn cartoon was so popular that the owner instructed me to play the home videos all day long on the store TV's to attract kids and their families. It worked, we got lots of business, but I probably unwillingly watched every episode of that show 100 times. I didn't much care for it, especially not after months and months of hearing it every day.

And I still don't understand how a stupid yellow squirrel can kick so much ass.

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