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  1. It's 100% a fear of rejection; guilty as charged. edit: Here's a funny picture to satisfy the fact my post is boring as balls edit: Here's a funny picture to satisfy the fact my post is boring as balls
  2. I've already said it in this thread many times over many years, but **** the mother-****ing **** licking ******* ****-sucking Cowboys
  3. The NBA in general has turned me off quite a bit over the last few years and the wiz being mediocre and thuggish didn't help much either. Ted being the owner and doing this franchise right and re-branding the product might be the spark I need to start following this team again. We'll see.
  4. This was at VMI it made the sports center not top 10. So here I was last year, eating a sandwich in the Post Exchange, watching ESPN, and the not top 10 comes on. I do a triple take when I see VMI on ESPN.
  5. I'll check back in on this thread in a few months
  6. MX0D4oZwCsA& What does this mean??
  7. So it occurred to me this morning driving to work on the Loudoun County parkway that Donovan McNabb and I work exactly one mile apart. I never thought in a million years that that would happen edit: That first line made me do a double take at my screen until I realized it was an editorial :pfft:
  8. How cool would it be if Green Street Hooligans 2 didn't totally blow? same goes for Boondock Saints 2...
  9. RIP 2010 Nationals RIP 2010 Cubs I kid of course, but I get the feeling this will be a long year.
  10. for the record, this isn't the least bit funny
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