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Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

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This NFL preseason thing is a rip off. First one of the games was blacked out because it was on ESPN, I knew that but then the 2nd game was blacked out for me and it wasn't anywhere on TV. Now this last game the sound is screwed up and I can barley hear it even with headphones on, yet when it goes to commercial it's normal volume....

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Hopefully once the season starts more streaming options come up, today is probably the worst quality I have ever seen a firstrowsports.eu stream, and I have a hunch it's because the lack of other streams out there so everyone has to grab one stream.

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Also a tip. Make sure to pause that stupid Ustream video in the bottom right corner. That is probably take some of the bandwidth that would go to the game stream. Game stream got immediately better once I paused it.

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Missed Banks TD too. What did he do that was bad?

He did a show boat move simuliar to the Deshawn Jackson move where it looked like he dropped the ball a yard before he crossed the plane of the goal. After review, the refs felt that he had possession. I'll take it, but I have to admit, don't agree with the ref on that one.

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He got the score. But his concentration lapsed near the goal line, they questioned if he had control. They reviewed, said he remained in control - Banks learned a lesson for sure one way or another - and gave hime the touch down. Was funny though, he did the DeSean Jackson and some dance when he ran it in.

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