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Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

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this one shows the big screen at the stadium right now...

For those in need...this stream seems to be working well at the moment: http://extreemegoal.weebly.com/ch2.html You can even chat along with the game LOL!

this one is working so far, Joey T chatty on there at the moment. but when going to full screen, its a little blurred.

FYI This link is working

yes, and has a better resolution for full screen on my monitor.

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You're gonna have a real tough time trying to stream a game on an iPhone. You're better off following the play-by-play on ESPN.com or NFL.com (have had problems with freeze-ups on iPhone with the latter though, and you must manually refresh the former).

Unless 4G is THAT much better than the 3G that I have. Its totally possible, I guess.

The difference between 3G and 4G is night and day.

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Thanks so much for the link, will this work dudring the season too?

maybe... it depends. your best bet is to play the audio on espn 980 in addition to the video link as the video feeds often cut out or gets choppy. lots of them get closed by halftime.

i usually flop between 2 or 3 feeds throughout the game.

gotta do whatcha gotta do.

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For regular season I mostly go to the sportsbar, at least until the 'Skins get unbearable bad....then I stay home and look for streams. I have never had a problem finding one that worked though. Lets hope it stays like that in 2011!

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Thanks for this thread. I was able to find a feed and hook it up to the TV and watch the entire game with one little 10 second buffering problem once. It wasn't HD, but it was great to see the game live from FL. Hail.

p2p4u dotnet

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NFL.com's preseason pass was great.

I did not get to see the live coverage, but the on-demand replays are awesome. If you have the bandwidth, you can get HD, if not you can turn the quality down for a smoother connection. You also have the option of selecting between the home and away broadcasts.

I think it is well worth my $20.00 for the preseason games, and $50.00 for on-demand regular season games, since I am currently living out west and working weekends.

The only downside is that games in local markets are blacked out for 24 hours.

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Is there any way to watch a replay of the game?

The NFL Preseason Live that everyone's talking about lets you watch replays of every preseason game in HD (as well as the games live). You can do PiP, 2, or 4 games at once. With an HDMI output, it's great on your HDTV. https://preseason.nfl.com/nflpl/secure/schedule

It's really the best $20 you can spend for watching the preseason. DVR features, HD feed, watch multiple games at once. They used to have the radio broadcast synced up with the game when replays were ready, but I don't see that option this year.

They have Game Rewind during the season for $40 that lets you watch everything 24 hours after it happens. https://gamerewind.nfl.com/nflgr/secure/registerform For some reason the 24 hour wait kills it for me, but at $40, Game Rewind is perfect if you're working Sundays.

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