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  1. Nothing special, just testing out the new gopro I got. This is riding from Sunset Park to Park Slope, Brooklyn, via 5th ave.
  2. I got a gopro mount for my bike to act as a dash cam in case some asshole doors me again. If I get a cool looking run, I'll be sure to post it here. I picked up two more bikes recently, I've been riding around a old school Schwinn prelude, it's a really nice bicycle, but still not enough to sway me away from fixed gears.
  3. I bike a lot here in NYC, but last fall I got doored really bad by some asshole who stopped in the middle of the road and his passenger opened their door into the bike lane I was in. I was doing 10+ miles a day at the time, I've been doing much less since. I wear normal shorts without any issues, I don't see the point in the full on bike jerseys unless you're in a race. Maybe they really come in handy when doing rides over 30-35 miles? I flip bikes on the side, I've ridden pretty much everything because of it, but my beater fixed gear is still my main ride. Nothing quite rides/feels
  4. Use ad blocker. Outside of that, they are all pretty much the same imo. wiziwig sometimes has links that use software to stream, instead of just a flash stream on a page, i prefer those, but they don't always have them.
  5. Yeah these, links suck. Still pissed it's blacked out on NFL preseason live. Usually that site has some really high quality ones.
  6. The NFL live thing is blacked out tonight (in case anyone didn't know) and I don't have cable.. What's the point of paying for something when I can't even use it. I could see if it was on NBC or something and it was blocked out, but not everyone has ESPN.
  7. Even if they do change it, I doubt I'm going to stop wearing my Redskins gear though, as I'm sure most of you too.
  8. I had to share this one. Schlafly AIPA. This was amazing out of a draft and almost as good out of the bottle. It's hard to come by, I bought out one beer store and haven't found it anywhere else, but I highly suggest trying it.
  9. I don't understand the BF4 hate. What's so bad with it? I play at least an hour of it almost every day and love it.
  10. Is the camera for the ps4 really hard to find? They don't have it available on Amazon.
  11. Someone else posted this on the previous page, but this was how I was able to find mine, watched it for a few days. http://www.nowinstock.net/videogaming/consoles/ps4/ Walmart.com has a bundle up right now.
  12. I finally was able to grab a PS4 on amazon yesterday. Can't wait to play! Ordered BF4 too.
  13. Does no one here watch Vice? Rodman was only there so they could film their final HBO episode in there. Also, they just put this one out too. http://www.vice.com/the-vice-guide-to-travel/north-korean-motorcycle-diaries
  14. For someone that has been looking for feeds every year for years now. I got an Aereo account for local games (I don't have cable), and I got the Direct TV special they had packaged with Madden, where you can watch all the NFL games online that aren't in your local market, as well as red zone. I connect my computer to my TV and boom, I can finally watch all the skins games this year for about 50-60 bucks.
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