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  1. By many Amerikans, not Americans. SeattleWeekly: Willpinit High School Redskins, over in Spokane County. Except they have no plans to change their mascot. At a school where more than 90 percent of the students are Indian - in the heart of the Spokane Reservation where author Sherman Alexie was raised – they’re sticking with Redskins. Said Tim Ames, superintendent of Wellpinit schools, this week: “I’ve talked to our students, our parents and our community about this and nobody finds any offense at all in it. ‘Redskins’ is not an insult to our kids. ‘Wagon burners’ is an insult. ‘Prairie ni
  2. Out here in SD - Ballast Point is the shizzle. They brew an IPA called Sculpin - $7.50 a draft. And people pay it. Racer5 is another West Coast fav. Monk's Sour Flemish Ale. Nodding Head's Monkey Knife Fight. Rogue's Morimoto Soba Ale. All good. And all are Philly related. A really f'ng good seasonal: Anchor Steams winter-only release of Old Foghorn Barleywine. Saisons are my favorite style. Outmeal Stout my fav draft. Speaking of drafts. Go nitro instead of CO2. Ommegang is a great brewery, any of their stuff. Of coarse Chimay, Delirium Tremens, Samuel Smith. I cant forge
  3. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. F! Not a damn link works. Edit. Time zones. Think I am a bit early. Hyped. 4:45 = 7:45. 15 minutes to game. Was a little crazy there. Need my skins crack. We got a team. We're doing things. HTTR. First Row.eu is working. Bat**** crazy avoided.
  4. Try this: http://www.firstrowsports.tv/watch/100459/1/watch-washington-redskins-vs-philadelphia-eagles.html
  5. He got the score. But his concentration lapsed near the goal line, they questioned if he had control. They reviewed, said he remained in control - Banks learned a lesson for sure one way or another - and gave hime the touch down. Was funny though, he did the DeSean Jackson and some dance when he ran it in.
  6. HAIL - the ATDHE.net link saved the Redskins bar at Winstons OB SD. But as a computer guy, the site carriers suspect baggage, but will work.
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