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  1. if youre tryin to watch it online go to foxsportsgo
  2. This franchise has driven me to drink. It all seems worth it now. Hail Paloffs!!!
  3. With the win, the paloffs keep on churning
  4. I love this thread. Paloffs here we come!!!!!!!!!
  5. http://atdhenet.tv/41621/watch-washington-redskins-vs-seattle-seahawks
  6. If you go full screen, you won't worry about the ads. Problem is, you need a quicker computer and internet connection otherwise it will be choppy
  7. Probably because it got bumped too many times Haha Paloffs is now!
  8. This thread is among the most epic ES threads of all time (with Cult of Colt and Random Thought Thread). This thread must never end
  9. First row isn't working that well. Missed Banks punt return just now cuz it was skipping
  10. It just came up with something saying justintv has banned channels
  11. Anyone have a stream of the game with the skins announcers? So far I'm only getting colts announcers and if I hear "Gonno" instead of Gano one more time I think I'm gonna scream
  12. Just had to didn't you... You're supposed to wait until we're on a losing streak and the Paloffs turn it around. Eh, good enough
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