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  1. I watched the FS feed today. Awesome. Thank you, Sir for helping the rest of us. It was a great experience.
  2. 1. The Bills were competitive this season. I think if they do the same next year he's fine, if they don't, he'll be on the hot seat in 2017. Safe next year. 2. Gus Bradley, the Jags' new owner has been a pretty patient guy so far (partially proven by the fact that he hasn't shown any desire to move the team when 3 other teams were dying to get to LA). If the team shows improvement regardless of whether or not they make the playoffs, I think he's fine next year. He may be on the hot seat in 2017. 3. Mike McCoy is on the hot seat now and if they don't improve he's gone next season. 4
  3. No, he'll end up going to the 49ers so he and Chip can finally form the collegiate dream team.
  4. I sort of put him in the same class as Marty Schottenheimer. The guy's teams were almost always competitive and his players often let him down in playoff games (like the INT with San Diego that ended up being fumbled and giving the other team the game). Lewis' team SHOULD have won the game. They had it and the bone head personal foul handed it to the Steelers. It's like the missed FG for the Vikings. I don't blame Zimmer for that. I actually think Coughlin gets more out of the players he has. I mean, look at the garbage NY has been playing with over the last few seasons. Sure,
  5. I've heard him praise his brother professionally. I've also heard him say that they talk several times a week. What that translate to for me is that he loves his brother, is proud of him, gives him advice and consults for him, and he's a football announcer and if he says, "My brother's the best. The Redskins are the best. I hope they kill the opponent today so we can go hang out and buy beer and laugh about it later" then he'd be fired. There's no relationship issue here and really no clue that there is one. You can read anything into it you want (good or bad) because they do a pretty
  6. Agreed. Ridiculous rumor. There's no way Gruden is going to go to the Giants or Eagles and play his brother twice a year. Not even the Harbaughs were that ruthless.
  7. I agree. I've never really been that impressed with the guy. He had good personnel in Chicago and they made it to one SB where they had a major meltdown and never got close again, from what I remember. He had 5 winning seasons out of 9 in Chicago. The guy did fine, but it's not like he's John Madden or anything. I'm not worried if he comes to the Giants or Eagles. Neither team has the type of personnel Chicago had while Lovie was there.
  8. I'm glad Payton is being retained by the Saints. At least that's one decent coach not on the market for the Giants and Eagles to take a look at. I'm also glad that Reece is doing the hiring for NY and Lurie is going to have to find a GM before he finds a coach (assuming he doesn't do his hirings in the Cerrato order). I'll be really interested to see how all these teams do finding new coaches. We're at, what, 7 coachless teams now? (Miami, Titans, Browns, Bucs, Eagles, Giants, 49ers). The really crazy part is that I think most of those organizations are dysfunctional. Certainly th
  9. Yeah, that's crazy. I thought for sure he was out of there. Maybe he got the team pregnant and committed out of obligation, cause there sure doesn't seem like there's any love there.
  10. Well, if McCoy and DJax were still there, you'd be right. Andy Reid seemed to have some pretty fast dudes. It was actually a perfect team for Kelly to fall into because of all the speed on it. Then he became GM and began getting rid of all his fast guys who were perfect for his "fast" paced offense and now he's sitting at home eating pork grinds and crying himself to sleep with the shades drawn. I actually started cracking up so hard my wife was asking what was going on from the next room. I applaud you. Yeah, I'm not sure what they're hoping to find in their next coach. Granted
  11. I don't think they do. Not all the way around anyway. I think they've got some speedy RBs and one fast WR (Josh Huff, maybe there's another I'm forgetting), but other than that, I don't think they have much. If Shanny is headed to Philly, then I also can't see him getting another RB to go with the 3 they already have. That's a pretty solid group and there's a lot of money spent on RB already (Mathews, Murray, Sproles). I wouldn't really be bothered if he went there, he'd likely want GM power and that would save us...also, Mark Sanchez (terrible) and Sam Bradford (a mostly healthy seas
  12. Especially since they have to interview a minority for the job before hiring someone. It wouldn't be the first time, but they could have league intervention (fine or something) coming to them if this is true. Not that I really care. It's the Browns. Vince Lombardi couldn't get them to win consistently. I actually looked at every team since we won the SB and the Browns and, I think, Lions had the lowest winning percentages by a lot. I can't remember exactly, but they were awful. Considering how futile we've been, we weren't even close to their level of suck.
  13. He will probably be the "hot" coach at the end of the season, so he could have any open job he wants. I can't stand the guy, but he's earned it.
  14. Pretty much like the Colts regressed while Caldwell was there. Dude is a marshmallow. Colts 14-2, 10-6, 2-14 Lions 11-5, 1-7 He sucks. He never had to coach while Peyton was there and then when Peyton was out and he suddenly had to actually coach he was screwed. I don't know what happened in Detroit, but sort of the same pattern.
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