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  1. It's cross platform, so play whatever you like. I've been playing a bit, would also be down.
  2. I had no idea he wasn't in good health. I'm stunned. My personal Rock Pantheon, chronologically, is Beatles, Zeppelin, Van Halen. He was a unique talent and we're worse off for his passing. RIP, Eddie.
  3. Does Rivera get to cash the unused timeouts in for free meals at TGI Friday's or something?
  4. RIP Kobe. I spent about half of the last year in LA for work. I started listening to one of the morning shows there regularly. They had the lead singer from Blink 182 on one morning (this is going somewhere, I promise). He was late because of traffic. One of the hosts asked him "Don't you have helicopter money", and the guy said he absolutely does, but he'll never ride in one because they crash too often. I thought he was a little crazy at the time, but I totally get it now.
  5. Same. I was genuinely worried for him there for a minute, I thought he was going to die on the spot.
  6. Houston is playing single high safety, and KC is killing them across the middle. Chiefs just have too many weapons, and a QB that can extend plays, run, and throw to any spot on the field. Game over.
  7. That was a reverse, a flea flicker is a hand off that is tossed back to the QB. Either way, poor execution. But followed up by two big plays. Can Houston's defense stop KC? Probably not.
  8. Houston's pass rush has fallen apart. The Chiefs will have an easy time the rest of the way if Houston can't find a way to get to Mahomes.
  9. The question for me now is will the Chiefs, after looking so good, start to choke again? Who will choke last, and choke best?
  10. It has to be frustrating to be down 21, and for the team to continue to look inept. Especially for what fans pay to go to the stadium. But I only feel so much sympathy for KC fans. I haven't forgotten that 45-10 game in 2013. Down 21 after 1, there's still time to come back. But it doesn't seem likely.
  11. Do you understand political reality? Even if the Obama administration had pushed to leave troops in place (which they didn't, we can all also agree on that) the Iraqi parliament was not going to accept the agreement.
  12. What's your house worth? https://graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/world/20081119_SOFA_FINAL_AGREED_TEXT.pdf Article 24 Withdrawal of the United States Forces from Iraq Recognizing the performance and increasing capacity of the Iraqi Security Forces, the assumption of full security responsibility by those Forces, and based upon the strong relationship between the Parties, an agreement on the following has been reached: 1. All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011. We can all agree that th
  13. Fun read: https://sports.yahoo.com/los-viejos-old-guys-help-nationals-world-series-063742564--mlb.html
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