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  1. There's really no shame in saying something like "Yeah, that's true" or admitting someone has a good point.
  2. Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes your the nail. Definitely a "nail" night.
  3. Tampa would probably be winning regardless, but two calls make it seem ridiculous: The overturned interception, and the PI on a ball out of the endzone.
  4. One that isn't nullified by a ticky tack call away from the action, maybe?
  5. My girlfriend thinks the wide shots look like a graveyard, the buildings look like tombstones. I kinda see it. Not a great idea during covid.
  6. To whatever extent luck impacts the outcome of things, Brady has it in spades. Throw an interception? Here is a flag that nullifies it, on a ticky tack play away from the ball. Unreal. And now an offsides call...
  7. Now that you no longer have Mike Alstott, I don't expect any further goal line shenanigans. You guys must be missing him badly, since there aren't any other players of note on your team. I expect a game to happen, and points to be scored. Your observations are otherwise spot on.
  8. There's an article from May 2020, nothing more recent. At that point he was still waiting for one, and the realistic timeline is two years (though they mention he has a friend that is willing to donate and is working through the donor tests). https://www.sportscasting.com/albert-haynesworth-has-cheated-death-three-times-remains-very-sick/ I miss Alfred Morris. Why did we ever let him walk?
  9. He didn't have control. It should have been called a fumble. Good news, the tuck rule was removed after 2013.
  10. Tuck rule, pt 2. Less consequential this time tho.
  11. Did TWA get banned, die, or something else? Don't miss that guy. JMS was weird, he was all over the map politically, and often wildly misinformed. Ken was a disgrace. A conspiracy nut Cowboys fan. Probably loves Trump. Just the worst. I've never viewed myself as particularly left leaning, I just like rationality, honesty, and decency. If that makes me a leftist these days, so be it.
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