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  1. Your score is: 29126 (GRADE: B+) Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 28 (LAC): Lock, Drew, QB, Missouri (A+)Round 1 Pick 32 (N.E.): Hockenson, T.J., TE, Iowa (B-)Round 2 Pick 6 (JAX): Wilson, Mack, ILB, Alabama (B+)Round 3 Pick 2 (PITT): Miller, Christian, OLB, Alabama (A-)Round 3 Pick 10 (BUF): Love, Julian, CB, Notre Dame (A+)Round 3 Pick 16 (CLE): Pierschbacher, Ross, OG, Alabama (A)Round 3 Pick 33 (N.E.): Samuel, Deebo, WR, South Carolina (A+)Round 5 Pick 8 (DET): Hall, Emanuel, WR, Missouri (A+)Round 5 Pick 15: Gaskin, Myles, RB, Washington (A+)Round 6 Pick 9 (DEN): Boykin, Miles, WR, Notre Dame (A+)Your Future Picks: 2020 Round 1 Pick2021 Round 1 Pick
  2. skins2victory

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    I think it is time, and I think Collins is the perfect person to bring the number back. That being said, the right thing to do would be to ask the Taylor family first. If they are good with it, then so am I. HTTR
  3. This site needs to upgrade their position on Hockenson bad. He probably will not last till pick 28, and if he does that most certainly is a slam dunk A+. With this draft, we pretty much win the super bowl this year Your score is: 29387 (GRADE: B+) Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 28 (LAC): Hockenson, T.J., TE, Iowa (C+)Round 2 Pick 2 (IND): Risner, Dalton, OT/OG, Kansas State (B+)Round 2 Pick 18 (MINN): Love, Julian, CB, Notre Dame (A-)Round 2 Pick 24 (N.E.): Hooker, Amani, FS/SS, Iowa (A-)Round 3 Pick 9 (N.E.): Walker, D'Andre, OLB, Georgia (A)Round 3 Pick 12: Pierschbacher, Ross, OG, Alabama (A-)Round 3 Pick 25 (IND): Samuel, Deebo, WR, South Carolina (A+)Round 4 Pick 33 (IND): Long, David, CB, Michigan (A+)Round 5 Pick 15: Rypien, Brett, QB, Boise State (A+)Round 6 Pick 33 (COMP): Boykin, Miles, WR, Notre Dame (A+)Round 7 Pick 13: Mattison, Alexander, RB, Boise State (A+)Round 7 Pick 39 (COMP): Williams, James, RB, Washington State (A+)Your Future Picks: 2020 Round 1 Pick2021 Round 1 Pick
  4. skins2victory

    Starting QB 2019???

    Woo woo woo. I feel Minshew has a shot in this league to be a late round gem, but I never said he was the next Brady. Maybe that got confused when I said "watch the Pat's take him and apprentice him under Brady". Its all opinion at this point. I think Minshew has that "IT" factor that it takes for a QB to succeed in this league. Only time will tell. I hope the Skins draft him late and he turns into something special. One can hope!
  5. Trade Reed and a mid to late rounder for him. Fix the TE situation with Hockenson in the draft.
  6. skins2victory

    Starting QB 2019???

    He has the clutch gene. He has the confidence and the smarts. Just needs some developing. I most certainly do think he has a chance. Watch the Pats pick him up late, and have him apprentice behind Brady to continue there dominance when Brady finally hangs it up.
  7. skins2victory

    Starting QB 2019???

    ^^^ Minshew is gonna be a player! Been saying it before we got Keenum. I wanted Keenum. Have Cot and Case battle for the starting role this year, with either Minshew or Rypien as a late rounder to develop.
  8. I have said all along that I wanted Collins in FA. So stoked that we made it happen. One excited skins fan right here!
  9. skins2victory

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Now that we have Colt and Keenum battling it out for the starting gig this year. Time to draft our future starter in the late rounds. Gardner Minshew! The opposition will learn to fear the porn stash!!!
  10. skins2victory

    Starting QB 2019???

    I said just yesterday in here that I would be down with bringing in Keenum. Let Keenum and Colt battle it out for 1st and 2nd string. Draft Minshew /or/ Rypien late as our developmental QB. Both of those QB will be better than expected in the future. Draft Hockenson in the first.
  11. skins2victory

    Starting QB 2019???

    We had Alex at the time. Rosen was not on my radar at all, meaning there was nothing for me to "want" to see at the time. So I was most certainly not looking for a bad attitude. Again, this is just what I recall from the live draft, haven't seen it since. Maybe I will go back and watch it again, and see if I get the same vibe. * I went back and watched it, and will admit that I was wrong. I'm not sure why I thought that I remembered seeing him with a bad attitude on stage. The crow tastes great.
  12. skins2victory

    Starting QB 2019???

    @goskins10 I just remember watching it happen live and thinking what an ungrateful, whinny little ****. The write up dosent show the whole picture without his facial expression, body language ect. That was my opinion.
  13. skins2victory

    Starting QB 2019???

    Rosen acted like a spoiled little brat, that is used to getting everything handed to him in life when he went, god forbid, 10th overall to Arizona. He was playing the Tom Brady card that he was mad at the world for such a travesty. But Brady was in the 6th round, so he had more to be upset about. I recall onstage right after the Cards moved up in the draft to get him, and the selection was made, he said something to the tune of he wasn't thrilled about what just happened, he was still soo mad. But he was sure maybe later he be happy about it. Not a very good impression on the Cardinal fans at the time i'm sure. Then the season definitely didn't go his way. That was one of the first impressions I had of him, and it was a poor one. I didn't like his whinny attitude. And not even one year later the Cards are ready to move on from him. Red Flag. Respect is earned not given in my world.
  14. skins2victory

    Starting QB 2019???

    LOL... He says "just stop". No, I will continue to state my opinion little green guy. Nice try though.
  15. skins2victory

    Starting QB 2019???

    I don't want Rosen. Terrible additude. I don't want Carr. Terrible contract. I don't want Murray or Haskins. Would have to trade up for them and neither is worth the trade up value IMO. If Lock falls to number 15 I would agree that his potential is high, and that he could be our guy at that spot. But if Hockenson is also still on the board at 15, I would be very torn between the two because he is going to be something special at the TE position. In the late rounds I have been saying for weeks I like Minshew and Rypien. Consider this scenario too. Keenum was in a tough situation last year, we know he can play looking at what he did in Minnesota. Vikings let go of Keenum for Kirk. How awesome would it be to see Keenum have success here, especially against Kirk in Minnesota. Keenum taking them out in the playoffs would be beyond epic. Right now looking at the way things could shake out, here are my favorites. 1) Keenum, 2) Colt, 3) Minshew/or/Rypien. With Hockensen our pick at 15. 1) Lock 2) Colt. Probably don't carry a 3rd string QB in this situation. But unfortunately we won't get Hockenson either.