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  1. skins2victory

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Miami has 3 firsts, 2 seconds and a third. 1/5, 1/18/, 1/26 2/39, 2/56 3/70 - For me it starts with 1/5, 1/18, 1/26, 2/56, 2021 2nd or 1/5, 1/18, 2/39, 2/56, 3/70, 2021 1st If they are not willing to part with a load like this, then i'm more than happy taking CY!
  2. skins2victory

    Yahoo sports Best NFL teams ever bracket. '91 Skins VOTE!!!

    Done. It's 50/50 right now. Get them votes in!
  3. skins2victory

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I don’t buy all of this he isn’t worth a 2nd crap. If Trent brought his salary demands down to what is reasonable the deal would find away to happen. Trent should probably be somewhere in the 10-12 mill a year range. If he comes to that conclusion then great. Otherwise quit your ****ing Trent and we’ll see you at camp. The Skins are right to ask for a 2nd. They could also swap around some late picks so that a team like the Browns moves up several spots in say the 4th and 7th rounds to sweeten the pot. Someone also mentioned that we pay some of Trent’s salary to make the trade happen. We have the cap space for it. I’d be fine with this as well to sweeten the pot, if it gets a deal done so that we can all move on from this Trent nightmare.
  4. Man I would feel so much better about our secondary if they would sign Logan Ryan. Right now it looks like we are one injury away from doom and gloom back there. Ryan is a solid player, veteran, and a winner. Our secondary would look so much better if he was in the mix. Come on Skins, what are we waiting for!
  5. skins2victory

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I am surprised that Houston would want to trade considering they have Tunsil. How about.... Trent, 3/66 for 2/40, 3/90, 7/249 -They get Trent, and a much higher 3rd rounder. We get our 2nd, and actually net 2 additional picks in the process.
  6. Your score is: 38783 (GRADE: A-)Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 2: Chase Young, DE/OLB, Ohio State (A+)Round 3 Pick 11 (IND): Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State (A)Round 3 Pick 40 (LAR): Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Missouri (A+)Round 4 Pick 2: Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty (A+)Round 5 Pick 2: Stanford Samuels, CB, Florida State (A+)Round 6 Pick 18 (IND): Adam Trautman, TE, Dayton (A+)Round 7 Pick 2: Anthony McFarland, RB, Maryland (A+)Your Future Picks:2021 Round 1 Pick2022 Round 1 Pick
  7. I would be stoked to see us trade for Burton. Shouldn't cost much if they are willing to release him if they cant find a trade partner. Maybe something like our 5th and a 7th. For Burton, two 6th's and a lower 7th. 5/163 and 7/217 for Burton, 6/197, 6/201, 7/227 - We move out of the 5th, but get two 6 rounders. Swap 10 spots back in the 7th to sweeten the pot for them. So we get a starting caliber TE, and add an additional late round pick in the process. It sure would be nice to add an additional pick somehow.
  8. skins2victory

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Its simple Trent.... You want out so bad, lower your contract demands way down!!!! If you do that, you will probably get traded right away. No way Skins are taking peanuts in this one. Skins need to hold strong here, no less than a 2nd.
  9. If the Browns are still interested in Trent as being reported, but won't meet the 2nd for him as we are asking, there are things we could do to help sweeten the pot. The Browns 2nd is pick #41 overall. We could still ask for the 2nd, but swap our 3rd for their second 3rd rounder, pick #97. This Moves them up 31 spots in the 3rd. To do this I would also want their 6/ #188. We net a 2nd and a 6th. They move way up in the 3rd. Seems fair to me. So it would look like this.... Trent, 3/66 for 2/41, 3/97, 6/188
  10. We should have done the Dunbar trade before the Kyle Allen trade. Then the later 5th from Seattle could have, (should have been) the 5th given to Carolina for Allen.
  11. With this draft our team goes from eeeh, to YEAAAAH!!! Your score is: 36378 (GRADE: B+)Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 3 (DET): Chase Young, DE/OLB, Ohio State (A+)Round 1 Pick 21 (PHI): Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa (A+)Round 2 Pick 21 (PHI): Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame (A)Round 3 Pick 18 (DAL): Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame (A+)Round 3 Pick 37 (SEA): Yasir Durant, OT, Missouri (A+)Round 5 Pick 2: Devin Duvernay, WR, Texas (A+)Round 5 Pick 18 (DAL): Harrison Bryant, TE, Florida Atlantic (A+)Round 7 Pick 2: Alohi Gilman, FS/SS, Notre Dame (A+)Round 7 Pick 15: AJ Green, CB, Oklahoma State (A+)Your Future Picks:2021 Round 1 Pick2022 Round 1 Pick