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  1. Tay

    Reality check time.

    Miami style tanking will not work in the NFL. This isn't the NBA, where 1 player alone can change a franchise. It takes time to acquire talent in the NFL, so if you have talented players, you should keep them. The NFL Draft is such a crap shoot. You build culture and talent over time. Not with the top overall pick. Our problem isn't necessarily talent. It's Dan and Bruce.
  2. Kirk did an interview on Will Compton and Taylor Lewan podcast, bussin'with the boys. I thought it was a good listen. It's the most I've heard him open up about the contract situation in DC.
  3. I think Sheehan got that from the Brewer piece. The team suggested that he get a second opinion, but my take based on everything I've read/heard was it was lightly suggested, so Trent put it off.
  4. All evaluations must be done on a relative basis. Relative to the rest of the league our medical staff seems to underperform. I understand Bruce brought in an outside consultant to evaluate the medical staff in the spring, but things aren't looking good for those guys.
  5. Tay

    Does Doctson even care?

    After the raider's didn't exercise Joseph options, there are 14/31 players whose option wasn't exercised or were already released. Shows the poor hit rate in the first round.
  6. Tay

    Reuben Foster Will Not Be Suspended!!

    It seems fairly illogical to be against this move at this point. We got him for nothing. I wasnt a fan of drafting him in the first round, but to grab this talent at little compensation makes sense. If it doesn't work out, we lose nothing.
  7. Tay

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    Sheehan also mentioned the potential cap ramifications if Smith's situations meets the terms of their insurance contract. They wouldn't see a payout prior to this season, so they'd have to delay the cap hit to see the potential benefit.
  8. Bruce does enough on his own to prove he's not fit for his role, but let's be fair.... He said if anyone can come back from the injury, it's Alex
  9. Tay

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I did have 1 positive take away from the interview. When asked about the stadium design, he did say they trashed that initial rendering after it went public and the fan reaction was negative. That rendering was god awful. I'm glad that's off the table.
  10. Agreed. The entire purpose of the cap and current contract structures are for situations like this. The teams have the option to purchase insurance to mitigate potential losses like the one we have here. The Redskins made the decision to purchase whatever insurance they have for Alex. Unfortunately this situation is part of the game.
  11. Whether true or not, the news leaking that it was Dan that wanted to go after the other DCs is likely helps potential tension among the coaching staff. Having said that... Dan sucks, Bruce sucks, the team will likely suck in 2019.
  12. Tay

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    They couldn't control the leaks. Seeing as it was either national or individuals outside the market with the news, you can assume the agent was sharing the info with the media. You either do it or you don't. Can't assume your current staff won't find out.