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  1. This may be the tip of the iceberg. The league should force the team to let everyone out of their NDA's and perform a thorough investigation about the work environment with the team.
  2. I bet he wants to play for SF. I assume that's why his agent leaked that they were interested.
  3. Haha. He just finally showed up. I think Flowers deserves 7 per as well, but we may have to wait until FA begins. His agent should already have a good idea of his value after talking to other teams at the draft, but that doesn't mean he's not going to stretch it as far as he can. We also don't know what pace Rob Rogers works at. We will have to wait and see how the organization will operate under the new leadership.
  4. Why is that our players want to re-invent the wheel in regard to the cap.
  5. He hinted that the asking price was north of $20M AAV. He said he'll have to write a story, because if he broke it on the podcast, his execs would not be happy.
  6. Trent said himself that he didn't want to play on a deal with no guaranteed money. He also mentioned that he initially addressed Bruce about an extension or a trade. The medical scare compounded the issue, and became his primary concern, but the contract always played a role. He said it wasn't all about the money, but doesn't translate to the contract played no role. 3rd hand reporting doesn't matter once Trent himself actually spoke to the media regarding the situation. You can find his initial media scrum here: https://www.hogshaven.com/2019/10/31/20942386/redskins-
  7. The fact that he wants money? He said that himself months ago. The contract has always been a part of this saga.
  8. Leasing isn't bad as long as you do your research before hand. You also don't need to do a down payment to lease. Check out Leasehackr.com. Most of the vehicles they discuss are luxury, but it should provide enough information to understand how to get a reasonable deal. Edmunds values and prices paid forum is also a good resource to check out before you ever stop foot in a store. A good rule of thumb with leasing.... if your monthly payment is greater than 1% of the MSRP (with no downpayment), you didn't get a good deal.
  9. I'm actually a fan of Haskins, and I think he can be special. I think Burrow is special. The ideal scenario would be to draft Young, but if he goes 1 (which he won't) I wouldn't hesitate to draft Burrow
  10. Trent "liked" the tweet from Dwayne. Maybe there's a chance he'll be back.
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