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Apparently this thread insults posters on CowboysZone.com :ols:


Cowboys fans can't be insulted because they don't have feelings, because they don't have souls.

It makes sense in my head at least. :ols:

**** the cowturds.

EDIT: I just went on there, and a Skins fan went on there to APOLOGIZE for our hate for the Cowboys here on ES. Seriously people.... There is no lower form of a sub-species than a Dallas Cowboys fan.

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As far as I am concerned, the entire state of Texas can **** itself from here to eternity, starting right up the putrid ******* of the state known as Dallas. I hope a mother****ing F-284 tornado 100 miles wide sweeps through the state and finishes its journey at that new **** stained toilet bowl of a stadium, swallows it whole like a French whore, and spits it out all over Jerry Jones' front yard.

I don't really mean any of that, it was just fun to write.

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**** dallas, **** everything that remotely resembles them, **** the shape of a star, and the stars in the sky, their ***** *** quarterback that got a punctured lung because he ********* too hard...**** them all! all the way down to their cheerleaders:peaceout:

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