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I guess this is the right place for this, but do Cowboys fans in Texas hate the Redskins? My dad lives in Texas and I have several friends down there all Cowboys fans(die hard and semi-die hard) but none of them really hate or care that much about the Redskins. I told a friend that they call it "Dallas week" up here and he almost laughed in my face. The only Cowboys fans I know that hate the Redskins live in Virginia/Maryland/D.C.

I guess I'm not sure if its just the people I know or is this a one sided rivalry where the Washington fan base is all amped up about it but the Dallas fan base doesn't really care.

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Seriously, **** the God damn Cowboys. I'm sick of all these bull**** threads coming at me saying I should bow down before the ****boys and their "greatness". Kiss my ass. Every single Cowboy fan in this forum. And yes, I am serious. Sort of.
**** the cowboys all the way back to the top of the forum.

If you say so. **** the Cowboys, **** em hard and **** em long time.

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