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  1. **** Mara, and **** the ****ing Vagiants !! Oh, yeah, **** the Cowboys, too.
  2. Very disappointing. I certainly won't wear some flat billed shiny red piece of crap. The shirts are overpriced as well (what else is new), but super lame on top of that. "<team name> just do it" ? "<team name> knows" ? Gice me just the team name, or try to come up with something unique for each team, not this generic crap.
  3. Swcond stream up on Firstrowsports, looks a lot better.
  4. Any other stream up ? The Firstrowsports one is horribly choppy for me today.
  5. **** Dallas, **** the cowboys and **** the butthurt cowboys fans.
  6. Can't believe it's 5 more days until we **** those ****ing ****ers !
  7. Knock out Romo, shut them out and take a dump on the Dallass star. **** 'em !
  8. **** the 49ers for pissing away that game.
  9. **** Dallas, amd **** Romo. Could this day get any more ****ing beautiful ???
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