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I seriously DETEST anything silver and blue, I DETEST any Cowboy fan, I f'n hate the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, In-Laws of Cowboy fans. I wish and hope that Landry or Orakpo hits Romo If he plays hard enough to implode his testicles. I hope Jerrah Jones has a massive heart attack and dies at Fedex Field. There I said it, and I hope that Derrick Dockery blows his ACL and MCL in both knee's that F'N traitor. The only thing good about Texas is the people that LEAVE texas. F@$#!%^!# THE DALLAS COWBOYS and ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING RELATED TO THEM!!!!

HAIL TO THE MF'N REDSKINS!!!!!!:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck

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seeing one of his post was somewhat saddening

It should not make you sad, because Bubba would say ****, **** and **** the Cowboys, **** 'em Good and I will post all the news about the ****ing.

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