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  1. <staff edit of rule 13 violation--two incidents in post--two week ban>
  2. My shot at it. I traded back into the beginning of the third to pick up a pair of 3rd and 6th rounders. I tried not to process too many trades. You can trade for days with this simulator. Your score is: 3792 (Drafting Ability: A, Player Quality A, Future Draft Picks: N/A) Your Picks: Round 3 Pick 5 (PHI): Arthur Brown, OLB, Kansas State (A) Round 3 Pick 9 (BUF): Bacarri Rambo, FS, Georgia (B+) Round 3 Pick 23: B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary (A) Round 4 Pick 23 (MINN): EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State (A) Round 5 Pick 21: Brennan Williams, OT, North Carolina (A) Round 5 Pick 29: Braden
  3. **** dallas, **** everything that remotely resembles them, **** the shape of a star, and the stars in the sky, their ***** *** quarterback that got a punctured lung because he ********* too hard...**** them all! all the way down to their cheerleaders:peaceout:
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