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  1. As a redskin and bulls fan, i feel really cursed......
  2. **** tyron smith and his contract
  3. Bluewaterheaven wrote:Hey guys. So I just want to give you a piece of info I just heard. Last year I interned at Steptoe Johnson, a very large global law firm. I still keep up with some people there. A few of the senior partners are season ticket holders, and also do a lot of work with InCapital, which is owned by Tom Rickett, the Cubs owner. Anyway, word is, in the office, Melo's attorney's are heading into Chicago tomorrow. That is all I got. Vicino wrote: So I didn't want to be just another Rando with a Source, but my Father and I have relationships with two Sr. Partners at Seyfrath Shaw L
  4. Hell yea that match was ****in awesome......... that piledriver where the table didn't break was awesome......i always wondered if those damn tacks were real or not
  5. its working fine for me.......watching royal rumble 2000 hardys and dudleys doing crazy **** jumping off balconies through tables, and cactus jack shredding HHH's head with that barbed wire 2x4 ......****s awesome
  6. what's the deal with this?

  7. **** these *******s.....Thanksgiving ****es
  8. hahaha JPP ****ed the boys tonight.....
  9. If we win just 1 game the rest of the year......let it be this one.....**** THE COWPUSSIES
  10. **** those ****in douchbags brokeback cowboy crack snortin fags
  11. The Mavs wining a title is the closest the cowboys will get to feeling a championship again
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