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Portis placed on IR UNCONFIRMED & Merged


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I'm shocked...we aren't mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet. Any decision to put Portis on IR should have waited until then.


Basically, by the time Portis can come back, we should be 4-9 or so. If we somehow capture lightning in a bottle and reel off 4 or 5 wins without him, why would be shake things up when he's "healthy"?

Forgetting all of that, the man is still feeling the affects of his shoulder injury from the preseason, let him get everything taken care of so he's completely healthy for mini-camps next spring.

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if they are looking for another back... are they looking at former pros? or undrafted?

One name came to my mind but I don't know if he's in the league somewhere else or not.

Whatever happened to Amos Zereoue? PLayed for WVU, was with Pitt then Raiders and Patriots last year I think. Not sure if he is playing anywhere or in any kind of shape though.

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talk about throwing in the season. this means even with a miracle 7-0 finish portis wouldnt be able to play in the playoffs. WTF!

Yeah, I've got to think this is a bogus report.

I agree... but if he's going to have surgery I'd say that's it he's done. Hey, maybe we can put Brunel in the backfield and let him run a few trick plays just to throw the defense off guard :P

Remember, TO got screws in his hand and was back in, what? A week? Every injury's different, but surgery doesn't automatically equal gone for the year.

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