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    Spurrier comment

    Did anyone but me see the clip live? Honestly, it sounded more like he was griping about how tough it was to coach in the NFL... It wasn't a Dis on the Redskins... if anything, he as tooting his own horn, by saying how hard its been to win the first game here. This comment is all about the ole ball coach, and not much about us. So I wouldn't be upset if I were you.
  2. Veretax

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Look I like Will Grier's moxy, (and not because I'm a WVU fan), he's not afraid to move around the pocket, but I think he needs to sit a year wherever he goes so he might not be a great fit for us for that reason. Grier wasn't as half hazard with the ball as some other QBs I've seen recently, but he takes a lot of chances with his body that makes me nervous. However, WVU had a seriously Oline Depth shortage near the end of last year... This guy played hurt the last few games, which shocked me when I heard. That's the kind of toughness we need at QB, frankly. I just don't think we wait till 2nd Rd to draft QB if we draft QB high this year.
  3. Veretax

    Starting QB 2019???

    An NFL writer for Bleacher Report (so I already know I'm going to hate it) today has suggested we'd trade for Andy Dalton give up a 2nd Round pick. I wonder if I'm the only here who is about warm to that, as melted marshmallows in cocoa. Could there be more of a Blah choice than Dalton? Seriously, I'd rather draft a young guy start Colt/Johnson as trade a draft pick for Dalton.
  4. Veretax

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    FOr those that think us maybe expecting a bad season is doom and gloom. If I were Bruce, I'd say we know the outlook isn't good, we are going to do what we can, but We think, now is the time to take a season and experiment. I mean really open up the playbook. THat's what I want to see anyways.
  5. Veretax

    Brett Rypien. Opinions?

    Will grier reminds me a lot of Rypien... (Mark Rypien) or Somethig like a cross between Brunnel and Cousins. He does throw an occasional pick, but has good mobility, and reeds the field pretty well. Most of the INTs I saw this season, were not his fault (off receivers hands)
  6. Veretax

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    How many years does kerrigan have left on his contract? Look I wouldn't cut smith this year..... I'd consider it next year.... but I'm not expecting to see him play until mid season at best. I'm expecting he's on PUP list through camp... That having been said. I'd sit down with Trent and ask him, what he thinks about his career. Does he want to retire a redskin, or does he want a chance to play for someone else, since its going to be really tough to get to the play offs next year. Let Trent say he wants to stay or not. If he says he'd like the option, grant his agent license to seek a trade. I'd do the same for Kerrigan, but I'd tell him I think he's earned a right to try to earn the sack record with the franchise. Reed, I'd trade if anyone would have him, Crowder I would let go. I'd draft a LT if trent goes, or a WR in round 1. (if not WR then one of MLB, Guard, or Corner) I'd try to extend Dix for now if he looks serviceable, but I wouldn't break the bank for him.
  7. ANother WR on IR... wow.
  8. Veretax

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    I don't know how you'd prove it, but conditioning is part, and I think Play Calling is also a apart. People getitng hurt because they are put in poor positions on the field Is what I wonder. I dunno how you prove it.
  9. Veretax

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    If not for the fact half our initial roster is on IR I'd expect a lot more cuts.
  10. Veretax

    Lock up Josh Johnson now

    See if I was Bruce I'd look at this way. Alex Smith under contract? Yes? Too expensive to cut yet? Yes? Will he start before week 1? NO so he probably isn't even available to week 8 is my guess Colt McCoy? Yes? My gut says no. Backup has to stay healthy to be worth keeping, and honestly I saw more from JOhnson than McCoy if McCoy has to be cut then so be it. As for Sanchez? Guy should be cut week 17 end of game anyways. SO you'll need the following: Draft a QB early Bring in a couple of arms for camp to find #2 JOsh JOhnson Smith That's your 4 QBs going into Camp, probably.
  11. How would this be for a Jay Gruden curve... we win out, run the table, get to the SUper Bowl. (Win or Lose, Jay gets an extension)...... Now that would be a curve many here would not expect.
  12. Veretax

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    So, I'm assuming at this point that Alex won't be ready for camp, or pre-season or week 1... If he starts on the PUP list does that mean we wouldn't see him till mid season at the earliest?
  13. was that unsportsmanlike conduct about I don't get that
  14. Was Jordan Reed hurt early in this game I was having issues with cable early?
  15. My son says hey that looks like my favorite play on Madden is that pay drag wheel? And now we have two point conversion
  16. Seeing that highlight of Breland intercepting for the Packers for a touchdown makes you wonder what this defense could have been
  17. We are so bad I would have liked to see if Kaepernick would would would bring a spark but I'm not confident that he will
  18. well at least it won't be a s Hutout
  19. By the way I'm going to say it now I hate the Giants.
  20. It is December now it will take at least six months before he's even walking again and the end that's before you factor in complications and additional surgeries. Even with aggressive rehab it's going to take time and you do not put this guy on the field until he's 100% because doing otherwise puts him at risk of truly ending his career. Presuming of course that he hasn't already reached
  21. Veretax

    2018 Embrace [Insert QB name here] Thread

    I don't even know how to consider at this point.
  22. for those upset about the banging on the Skins because of claiming Reuben Foster off waivers. Remember this is ABC ESPN slash Disney they hate our franchise for Untold numbers of reasons. I am not surprised to see them put this political stink on during the game I would not be surprised if it was planned ahead of time
  23. going back to the Bruce Allen and Dan Schneider appearances one after the other the only thing that would have made that more perfect if is if we had saved Tom Cruise doing one of his patented couch leaps
  24. look like Tres way was run into on the putt there no flag of course
  25. well that picture of Bruce Allen with this with the hair all messed up but like he's been sleeping in his tea or something the entire time he's been up there