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  1. I have a shirt and a hat. the later is in bad shape the shirt is relegated to sleep ware now.
  2. Some of the ideas I've thought of if Snyder decided it was time to do so in no way am I advocating this should happen now: (In no particular order) Washington Red Hawks Washington Red Rivals Washington Nation Washington Trumpcards (hey adding a new casino right? why not get on the ground floor and embrace it?) (Could also subtley thumb the eye of the people pushing this as some will shorten it to the Washington Trumps Washington Forever (OR DC Forever) Washintgon Hail Washington Triumph (My favorites here are Washintgon Nation, Washington DC Forever, Washington Triumph, btw it would be fun to tie this to DC getting state hood if that were to actually happen)
  3. I see this differently than most. First let me be clear I support Dan's ability to make a decision that is best for the fans and legacy of the Washington Redskins. But because I think he will make such a move, I do not expect him to bend to the latest pressure for the following reasons: 1. FedEx has a contract with the team... They are now in basically breach of that contract> 2. Pepsi likely also has a Contract with the team... and are now in basically breach of that contract 3. As for Nike? Not sure if that's a league side decision or not. 4. All three are in effect corporations that have benefited from sponsoring or making product for the team for many years. 5. They should have no say in whether the team makes a decision either way. To demand they do so, IMO is interference that could result in damages awarded to Snyder if he were to go to court (I hope he does) 6. ABC/ESPN/NBC have basically been lobbying for this for years, and as a partner of the NFL/team are also kind of in breach of the contract also 7. SNyder is not stupid, he can see that already the blow back from overreach from the current politics in many cities is coming. Changing the name puts him on the wrong side of it. 8. Many fans have invested years of their life buying, consuming, and supporting the legacy of this team. I do not believe Dan has it in his heart to do anything that would throw away what good there is in the Redskins Legacy. 9. At what point, does this become a form of Defamation of character? Seriously, consider this a moment, they are besmirching not just Dan's name, but every person who ever has been a fan. This too might be a point that he could win in a court of law. I hope Snyder takes them to court, and rakes them over the coals, gloats for 2 years... then some time later, changes the name only then because local groups agree they can do more good and honor more people long term by doing that, without throwing out the legacy with the bath water. I do not wish the name to change, but I will understand if one day he decides its time for his own reasons, I do not think he should be forced to do so by corporations that have signed contracts with the team.
  4. My only problem with this logic, is you risk ticking off a large percentage of the fanbases of the NFL... If they are okay with that, then so be it, but I think the shield doesn't want that. I said when all this crap with Colin started, that the players are trying to say they want a way to do more, and the way the NFL and teams reacted pressed by people like us, sure, didn't really solve the problem. They could have given them a bone, but chose not to. The question is.... Do they get a Femur now? or the whole skeleton?
  5. I want to be very, very clear. If action is taken against JDR for exercising his freedom of speech, when we are finally as a league forgiving Kaepernick for his earlier escapades. I will turn in my fan card for this team, and it will be dead to me. Not because of his politics, but because I am sick and tired of stuff not related to football being used to derail this team. Move on front office, focus on playing the game, and fix the problem quietly in house if you have to, but don't give into the circular firing squad going on right now in politics. We've all had enough of it.
  6. I think that I read that the center from San Diego State is a guy who could play multiple positions along the line. think of utility backup offensive lineman. yes he can do Center but he could also play either guard position
  7. I want a tight end I want a cornerback how about a fullback?
  8. so I have a stupid question does he get paid as a off-ball linebacker or as a safety? Is there a difference?
  9. I just hope that Kyle Smith know something about the linebacker from Michigan NFL has him rated as a priority free agent
  10. I just saw some of his highlights on YouTube this guy reminds me of somebody
  11. btw... what the heck is that logo NFL network is using for the RAMS? LOL (I dunno, but I'm stil laughing at eagles taken Jalen Hurts Not because it hink hruts is bad... but what does this say about Wentz)
  12. Any chance we trade into the bottom of the third? (my magic eight ball says not in a dak prescot covid-19 party.)... wait... who hacked my magic 8-ball?
  13. I like the talent. Could be a third down back in a pinch too I bet.
  14. Drafting Tua would mean remaking a lot of the offense I think. It means we aren't really ready to compete. I think they are closer or think they are closer than that.
  15. If I'm rivera the last thing I need is players, veteran players who are not bought in. If Trent isn't committed, then trade him, if Dunbar is going to play games well cut him loose too.
  16. Dude Isaiah Simmons ran a 4.39 40-yard dash as a linebacker safety hybrid. I know most of us are set on Chase young because we lack elite edge skills but man if that guy has any range ability to cover and can tackle could he compared to somebody like Ray Lewis? Cuz I think middle linebacker is more of a need for us than then Edge call me crazy if nothing else I think it made our pic more valuable. Which would be more valuable in Del Rio scheme I wonder
  17. Honestly I'd love it to be RG3 trade, but I wouldn't hold a deal up with it, if I can get multiple good picks evne if value doesn't match on chart.
  18. I wouldn't break the bank for Olsen, but he'd be a great leader and teacher for a group of young tight ends.
  19. I was on the trade back scenario... But I have 2 other thoughts. 1. Taking Burrow Hostage. (trade to an AFC team... looking atyou Pittsburgh) 2. or 2... there's a Corner who is getting a lot of hype right now, I can't remember his name. whoever that is... yeah otherwise trade back
  20. Count me in the 'never convinced on O'Connel' he might be a terrific assistant, but he didn't have enough time to really show much as an OC. Scott Turner was one of three names not named Kevin O, that were on my wish list to interview for this position. I am optimistic about what he can do here.
  21. That doesn't exactly give me the confidence you might think. I'd prefer it if Love beats him out making his position expendable
  22. Can we be honest, I love Trent. In an ideal world he would retire here. But he's not a long term starter anymore. he is injured a lot the last three seasons (not counting last year).... He's like a really good car that you love, but needs to be in the shop 2 months of the year for repairs and replacements. you still love that car, but it might be time to cut bait if you've paid it off and trade it for something more reliable.
  23. My post had nothing to do with likelihood or probability. Mearly stating that it makes sense to clean out some bad contracts up front, find a way to get more draft picks in year 1 of Revera then let them sit even longer. My opinion.