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  1. I got a 2003 GMC pickup, the battery died and I switched it out and now its stalling when I brake, the RPM just down and it dies, but starts right back up again fine, any idea what that could be?
  2. I can't believe anyone would be favor of new uniforms, ours are classic, I hope we never change and hope we never wear the puke yellow throwback from this season either.
  3. I can't stand the white on white, doesn't Tampa make us wear dark tops down there anyway?
  4. The white ones are weak, I really don't know why the didn't go with a dark version.
  5. I still like White tops with Burgundy pants, don't think that can be beaten
  6. Burgundy tops with Gold pants would look deadly with the Yellow 'R' helmets
  7. I wouldn't change a thing, I love our jerseys, the only thing needing to be done would be banning white on white.
  8. Those look like the ugly old Vancouver Canucks jerseys, I hope the Redskins never change or tweak the jerseys.
  9. We should just use uniforms that are mostly green with white horizontal stripes. Then the other teams QB couldn't see our DB's as they would blent in with the field. I rememeber Ron Pawlus when he was a Notre Dame complating the Michigan State Uni's were like camo against the field. This would solve our problem with forcing INTs.
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