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Portis placed on IR UNCONFIRMED & Merged


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Guest ComebackKing

CP should go on IR and heal up asap. Get ready for next year man.

I really like our running situation for the rest of this year though. IT'll be good.

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I Was Trying To Convey A Message To My Fellow Redskin Fans What I Heard And Now I Cant Post A Thread Thats Bull ****ing ****

Cry me a freaking river.

You know what's really Bull ****ing ****? The fact that you can't even see that there's a thread on this. Then your thread got merged into this one. THEN because YOU think YOU'RE just so damn important, YOU start this thread instead of posting in the one you were merged into. That's the real Bull ****ing ****.

Here's some advice if you want to last around here.

Read more. Post less.

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