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  1. wow, back in 2005 I made the 3rd post in this thread.
  2. I used StopRepairBills.com, once you call, the operator pressures you to sign up and makes a lot of promises and tries to get you to put a down payment on the plan. Whatever site you were going to use, google reviews for them. I had my plan on my car for a month and read enough reviews that I didnt feel good about them being there for me when I needed a big repair so I cancelled it.
  3. yah..im watching it on homer tv channel 6, but like the dude said u have had to have registered on the site already because it takes a while for them to approve your membership
  4. If theres a working link, please PM me! I really want to watch the game!
  5. Doesn't one of our members post highlights of the game pretty quickly after the game?
  6. I hope next week we go white jersey, burgundy pants, WHITE shoes. I can't say shirt? :laugh: s h i r t
  7. My dad takes "Krav Maga" over in Altomonte Springs, Florida and his instructor about 2 months ago was Danny Abbadi. He was on "The Ultimate Fighter" Season 3. The dude lost his fight but is a cool dude. He stoped teaching at the karate place to train harder for more UFC fights. (he fought Ed Herman advancing him into the semi finals on the show)
  8. THe one with the baby ducks was kinda sad
  9. lol someone should show those on a Giant's message board to get an explination!
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