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  1. Decent update from the Haven. Sorry if I missed it earlier. https://www.hogshaven.com/2020/7/16/21327274/washington-hires-high-profile-attorney-to-look-at-the-organizations-culture includes
  2. Tell Rick nobody’s asking for that. We’re asking for someone on the fringes to report ANYTHING about the rumors. You know, like they all do when the news isn’t important. Is it really toxic culture and sex? Fraud? Bribes? Ponzi scheme? If everyone thinks they’re in the know, tell us. That’s YOUR scoop. That nobody says what the story’s about tells me they don’t really know what the story’s about. So get back in your bubble and stay quiet until you have actual news, not just more rumor and word vomit, Rick.
  3. But he’ll want to as an attempt to put his stamp the team’s future. Which means if he’s really out (would be nice to have ANY idea what this is about) whatever name gets picked now will quickly be replaced.
  4. Yep, either “report” what you got or, if you’re not sure what’s up, wait for the professionals. The teasing just... well, we see the result. Either tweet what you got, stay quiet, or turn in your press pass.
  5. Yeah but if it isn’t your story, why not report in at least vague terms what the story is about? Or stfu. The teases from people who aren’t on the story are, at best, unprofessional. At worst, they’re dodging their responsibility as journalists.
  6. How did the Bezos connection start in this thread? Just because of WaPo ownership (and he's insanely rich)? I don't get the Bezos stuff at all. The rest, however, is way too believable.
  7. This is all a reminder that if you want to be a continuous, long-term fan, you're going to be a fan of the owner. There's no "team" outside of that context. I think I'm slowly figuring out I'm a Joe Gibbs fan, full stop, and that's somehow tricked me into following the team in DC a little too long. I'd like to be a Rivera fan, but if I want to be a fan of the team, I'm really buying into being a fan of, in this case, Snyder. I know not everything about Cooke was great. But I don't think he's a maggot like Snyder (again, if the Cranky Guide wasn't enough of a warning,
  8. I keep thinking back to these stories and wondering what they left out. It was embarrassing enough to learn these. Guess I should've stopped caring about the team right about then, but this Rivera and name change stuff roped me back in. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-cheerleaders-redskins-costa-rica-workplace-discrimination-photo-shoot-personal-escort/1173am421l70w1tszanltzqzaa
  9. Ok, well, if ES doesn't know, nobody does. Hitting the sack. Gosh, man, as if 20+ years of losing wasn't enough.
  10. No. The NFL in DC doesn't fold. Snyder could be gone in some hypothetical worst case, but the NFL ain't going anywhere. It might become the Washington Riveras for a season, but it ain't folding. You think two BILLION bucks of value is going to go *poof* like Keyser Soze? Um, no.
  11. Sheesh. It gets worse. Freeman's a legit reporter. Cheeseboy didn't know what was coming (and he's an editor at WaPo), but it sounds bad. I couldn't figure out why the minority owners were selling. My best guess was that Snyder was a putz and that by selling to the right people they could ensure ownership as a whole didn't have enough to finance a stadium in DC to spite him. But that didn't really make sense. Sounds like the other shoe is about to drop. Sheesh. Thanks, Danny boy, for ruining the team in every way possible.
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