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  1. worstSeat

    Season Ticket Renewals

    The waitlist very quickly became a "leads list" of emails for sales. Snyder picked up huge demand, added even more seats, chewed through his waitlist asset, and then it was done & seats started coming back out. Really kind of sad to see The Big Jack shrink like that, but Snyder's Jack had become insanely overinflated. He put in more than 11,500 extra seats, but then, for three years, had fewer seats in the stadium than it originally had. Looks like the original number was about on the mark. if they move back to DC, I hope they go smaller to get that exclusivity back up. And I still wish they'd have at least one preseason game in RFK, no matter how dumpy it is now (and it's pretty dumpy).
  2. worstSeat

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    Bumping to show TE#80 that some overly long threads can be good. Though, honestly, this is one of the few worth the bump. In general, I agree with him -- used to be you'd find out Skins news here a good while before you saw it anywhere else. I heard Jansen was through here first by months.
  3. worstSeat

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I sat in the cave for three years of Gibbs 2.0, and didn't notice anything too annoying getting in or out. What's the issue?
  4. worstSeat

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Doc Walker's contributions to the radio broadcast are no better than the guys tailgating the next space over. Cooley's break downs of the actual football being played are so accessible and insightful, he could become the next Madden.
  5. worstSeat

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Here's some news: As of today, though I don't have tickets, I can log in and buy STO tickets. Pretty short STH-exclusive window. I'm waiting for OV, but it's nearly tempting.
  6. worstSeat

    Season Ticket Renewals

    If I lived in the Bay, I'd be all over those. I'm not a huge fan of third level seats, but for $26, I'd make a Sunday of it. I've long lived closer to the Panthers and Jags than Skins. I could never root for the Panthers after they stole my Skins coverage in the Carolinas, but I've considered watching the Jags as "my AFC team" and getting tickets. At least then I could watch a team lose without years of history telling me they shouldn't. But yeah, the price always pulls me back. Even now, the difference per game is enough to pay for my train ticket to DC. And there are only two sections at $350 thanks to those tarps -- and one of those used to be for families, I think. I've gone to a few games, but have never been a STH. That's why I like the OV. Even if you only see 75% of the game, that's 75% of a lower level ticket for $27 a game. That's a freakin deal. Hope you're wrong about them getting replaced by suites, or that you're at least right that it'll be another year or two. Thanks for the links. OT: Anybody know if the seats they're pulling out will be sold for the Skins' charity organization again this year? ---------- Post added June-12th-2012 at 11:50 PM ---------- Having a hard time tricking the page into letting me order some with Firebug, but at least here's a picture of the new standing room section:
  7. worstSeat

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Still better than Packers stock, which you can't sell if you wanted to without giving the team a chance to buy them back for nothing first. ---------- Post added June-12th-2012 at 12:25 AM ---------- Hello, well argued. Now when can I spend $540 on two seats behind a six foot concrete post? ---------- Post added June-12th-2012 at 12:25 AM ---------- Did you bargain that down, or did they call you with the discount? ---------- Post added June-12th-2012 at 12:34 AM ---------- See if I can't get in one more addition to my post before someone else posts... The craziest thing from that article is the price of the Raiders: Wonder what the $26 seats look like? Think they're on Mount Davis? Pretty good sight lines, at least.
  8. worstSeat

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Now 75k. Now 70k. Soon to be 55k... I'd go the other way, as a professional programmer myself (for about 14 years; sheesh). You make the system, it does the upgrades according to what you've programmed, and POW, you're done. Until schmoes start calling and complaining; then it gets messy. But still, if you've figured in some wiggle room, it should be relatively painless -- after you've used and fixed it enough to get to version 1.2. Now once 2.0 hits, all bets are off again... Now when does Tag-a-Seat day happen? Every day that passes is another day for me to talk myself out of buying a pair of OVs, Danny.
  9. worstSeat

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I think that's accurate. Seemed a lot fewer on the ends, but still sky high along the sidelines. Still having a hard time visualizing what they're going to put there. That's probably about right if you include the folks inside, maybe a little high? Was a little lame. I came to see the trophies, but apparently in typical, "We didn't say when," Snyder sales fashion, that's only for today/Saturday. But yeah, the excitement for an absolutely known commodity in RG3 was insane. Did the NFL Network show FedEx during the pick or a bar? I thought I saw Chief Zee on the 'tron, but not inside. ---------- Post added April-28th-2012 at 10:46 AM ---------- Pretty sure they learned their lesson on those. After all the (justified) complaining the first year (some classic Snyder Communications sales tactics then), you had to sign a form to get 'em saying you knew they stunk, and now I think they only sell the open ones on Tag-a-Seat day, right? ---------- Post added April-28th-2012 at 10:48 AM ---------- The stuff in 213, 214, 230 & 229 is still OV isn't it? You can get pretty close to the scoreboard in the cave, iirc.
  10. worstSeat

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Well, the Cave is one of the best deals going, um, if you shut your eyes when the game's on the 20% of the field that's behind a column. And worst seat is, obviously, what I'm expecting (see name). Quick story: When I first got word of the Cave "jump to the front of the line... for less!" via email, the ticket office made you visit your seat and sign a release that you knew your seats stunk. They had the computer generated image, but that was it. I was in one of the Carolinas at the time (SC, I think), and didn't have the time to drive up to take a look during the off-season. Lots of Googling later, I got a bike courier based in DC to run up there for me (they'll stand in lines for you, so I figured they'd be game) and check things out. It was hilarious. I got a random call from a courier I'd never met who was borrowing the ticket sales' guy's cell phone. "Your friend who is here would like to talk to you quickly... [phone's handed over] Yeah, uh, this seat isn't that bad. Yeah. If you lean waaaaay forward, you can see pretty well. It's not that bad!" So she signed my release and BAM, I'm in the worst seat for a pro game I've ever had. Except that it was close enough to the game to be lots better than TV. I think I owe the company a few preseason tickets. I guess filling it in with suites at some point makes sense, but with the way demand seems to be dropping for the club seats too (which I assume is somewhat indicative of suites), I'm not sure who they'd get to buy more suites. And the cave prices have dropped a good deal over the years. I seem to remember it being $540 or so one year, maybe more one year before that and in the $300s another? Aren't they $290+tax now? Maybe that's back to $330. So if OV seat prices have dropped and overall demand is still down, hopefully I'm in luck for another season or two, though the loge replacement is an interesting insight. (And you personally have a pretty good track record with ticket demand insights.) I just can't justify spending twice as much for seats that make the players look like ants and hope they keep the seats around. Was just wondering if there was any way to slowly move up once you had them as if they were standard season tickets or if everyone started fresh at Tag-a-Seat if you didn't renew. I ended up changing seats each year because I didn't renew at invoice time, so I'm not sure what the process if you do renew is.
  11. worstSeat

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Anybody have an idea when the OV "tag-a-seat" day will be this year? Last year it was August, so I'm guessing I haven't missed anything yet. Do you get a chance to move earlier than the tag-a-seat day if you have OV year after year? I don't remember them asking me the three years I had them if I wanted to move down.
  12. worstSeat

    Random Thought Thread

    Agreed. I'm pro-Sharpie, even. Sorry, just caught back up on this page in reverse. I was trying to get more general/random than today's game. More of an Arsenio "HMMMM" than an expectation of a conversation -- didn't think I'd get a reply. In retrospect, yes, ATN a better location. Sorry.
  13. worstSeat

    Random Thought Thread

    How come standing on the camera stand after a TD is a penalty, but the Lambeau leap isn't?
  14. worstSeat

    Random Thought Thread

    50: The percentage of paloff wins Gibbs II has for the post Gibbs I Redskins. 60: The percentage of paloff appearances Gibbs II has for the post Gibbs I Redskins. Yeah, I know, it's football, but it is random. Hard to believe.
  15. worstSeat

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    This is why I use my MacBook when I watch stuff on the Internet. Not that I'd watch a bootleg stream of an NFL game.