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  1. http://www.liveleak.com/e/023_1229383665
  2. When God gives you lemons, FIND A NEW GOD!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thats priceless!!!!!!!!!!! :applause: :laugh:
  4. This is classic! Any more Ari gifs? BTW, how do you make an animated gif? Where do you find them?
  5. And then I kicked my shoes off in a fit of joy!
  6. I got pulled over today going 67 in a 45 in a work zone on 695 near Dundalk, Maryland. As the girl cop walked up to the drivers side of my car, she said that she smelled pot in the car. Now, I have not smoked since college and no one has smoked in my car that I know of. I couldn't smell pot in the car but she wanted to search the car. I gave consent and she proceeded to search the entire car for the next 20 minutes. She didn't find a thing and gave me a $280 speeding ticket with 1 point. I am going to go to court to try to get rid of the point. I have no points on license, haven't had a traffic violation since 2004 (red light camera), and was not familiar with that part of 695. The kicker is that my speedometer doesn't work all the time and was not working at the time of the traffic stop. I didn't tell the cop that my speedometer didn't work because I didn't want a repair order to go along with the ticket. Hopefully, the judge will give me a break and not assess the point and reduce the fine. Any advice about going before the judge?
  7. linky no worky for my pic http://www.collegehumor.com/img/m/mj16615