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  2. volsmet

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Trashing a guy I like is humbling, it means you looked .. and if you ask what I see, that’s humbling as well, & it’s the quickest way to navigate a discussion. You’re probably better than this than I am, I enjoy your thoughts so much because I know you invest the time in your evaluations & you see a million things that make me go watch someone more closely, like Jenkins, who I liked during the sr bowl, but had been underestimating... 34 inch arms, dominant in the SEC, good athlete, 2nd round guy who can probably play guard... Butler, I didn’t think much of, but I have him in the top 20 now because of your evaluation of him & what it opened my eyes to. Agreeing isn’t better than disagreeing, imo, honest opinions are all that matter. I wish we could find a way to get a big board for this group, someone brighter than I could sort out a fairly simple way I’m certain. Above you see him snatch & jerk Hock like it was nothing, Hock was stumbling around like he was on skates. This rep is v an incredibly athletic, 6-5, 326lb tackle, he beats him to the edge but he doesn’t have the refined bend to finish that win, but he shows a counter that just annihilates young Oli. If he had a bit more burst & bend I think he could flatten out around him, but he smokes the arms & back hands the huge tackle like it’s nothing. Here he tries to get under the tackle, you can see the ability for him to bend & explode though he doesn’t finish it, his feet aren’t settled here but the improvement you see in him from his college tape to the sr bowl is exciting to me, he took to coaching well here, which has been a question about him sine he was a Hs wr getting in trouble every week. That’s an issue.. as a court date looms. His best in 1 v 1s is what he shows here, the ability to get a tackle to stall, he sets up tackles like a wr sets up a slant ... & he does it well. He abuses Fant, shows discipline then treats him like a rag doll when the play comes his way. He seemed to only want to play on the larger stage, v Iowa is an example, as was the sr bowl. This is impressive athleticism from 6-5 260 He is quick enough to get outside & the feet allow him a very nature & impressive inside move I thought he & Collier were very impressive v an unbelievable Oline group the Sr bowl put together. He exploded to me, I expected him to be garbage, & in many games he was, I have to wonder why he didn’t dominate routinely, but his ability to impact games is clear to me; I like him as a late round target, but he won’t get drafted at all due to off the field issues.
  3. stevemcqueen1

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I hadn't heard about him until last night when I was watching WInovich. I see what they like in him. He was a revelation for me. But I think PFF get's too wrapped up in the cleverness of their grading system and they lose some perspective on the limits of the scope of their system a little more often than I'd like. Long's coverage performances are really strong, but a college player who is exceptionally good at press man coverage, and - who gets to spend all of his snaps doing it, - who plays with a loaded front, - with much softer secondary play from the slot and on the other side of his backfield, - and in a conference without great quarterbacking Is not going to get thrown at very often. His opponents almost always chose the path of lesser resistance. But it doesn't necessarily mean Long's elite performance in press man will fully translate to the NFL, because you're not drafting all of those contingencies too when you're drafting him. 60 targets in two years is nothing. He'll see that as a rookie in the NFL if he is a regular rotation player. And he's also going to be tested by much more physical X receivers. And he's also going to get targeted more in the run game. Ultimately, I think he's legit and that he'll thrive anyway because his coverage instincts are superb and he stays absolutely locked in all game, plus he's got the physical talent to hold up at the next level. But I think things will be much more rough for him.
  4. StillUnknown

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    what the **** did I just watch? and why was I physically incapable of turning it off?
  5. At least Redskins only play once a week, I don't have to punish my liver every other day watching hockey.
  6. Holtby waited to long to come out there
  7. PokerPacker

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    You don't like pirates? That tells me all I need to know about you. (linked for explicit lyrics) You could just wait for the movie, whenever that happens. Honestly, it probably makes a better movie than it does game (assuming Hollywood or whomever doesn't **** it up).
  8. High stick aside, our D is giving up a lot of room and we can't seem to handle the puck very well.
  9. Kuzy needs to wake the F up
  10. Kuzy really struggling
  11. No, it's not super important,, unless a tornado is coming... which is sort of what prompted the weatherman to find out the shocking revelation that >gasp< the state with the traditionally worst educated population can't find it's ass with a road map. Unless it's to go vote for a pedophile. ~Bang
  12. StillUnknown

    2019 MLB Thread (Trout re-signs with Angels, 12yr, 430m)

    he is listed at 6'2, 185lbs. doesn't appear to be straining to hit that number either
  13. Momma There Goes That Man

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    I agree I don’t think there should be a king or an iron throne afterwards. I think they only one with sense to realize that tho is Jon. The only reason we want the clegane brothers to fight is because it makes sense with the story. The Mountain is pretty untouchable and really the only person (Oberyns shocking win aside) that can defeat him is the Hound. and we’ve known he’s hated his older brother since season 1 and it’s been something that’s kept him going his whole life, that one day he will be able to exact his revenge. We want to see that because we love the Hound and the mountain deserves to die
  14. actorguy1

    Starting QB 2019???

    Final Take: Murray, Haksins, Lock or Rosen or wait until late 5th or 6th round pick for QB
  15. CRobi21

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Blake just hurt his knee again. Surprised he's been able to play at all. That thing looks like a sleeping bag wrapped around his knee.
  16. CaptainJames2004

    2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread

    We're in a dogfight ladies and gentlemen.
  17. stevemcqueen1

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Gary has put up more flags than the damn United Nations building, every draftnik knows it, not a single one of us actually likes him, and yet we're all continuing with the farce that he's a first round talent? The irrationality of the marketplace can not be accounted for.
  18. Why are we letting these guys hang around. They capitalize on every turnover
  19. Penalties are so one sided it ain’t a screen...
  20. Social security was setup so that the elderly poor will have enough money to take care of themselves. Though, I'm completely for upping the age to draw full benefits.
  21. Ref must've been screened or something.
  22. And they call the slash on us.
  23. They can make mistakes, we can't.
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