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Summer of 2020---The Civil Unrest Thread--Read OP Before Posting (in memory of George Floyd)

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It’s crazy how it’s an hour after curfew and they arnt arresting anyone, just hours after the US Capital was stormed and someone was actually shot to death. So much ****ing restraint it’s like a different country. 

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9 minutes ago, Llevron said:

What I always find crazy is he’s famous for killing a couple of white people. Yet white power is his mantra? Throws me off 

Nothing worse than commie “race-traitors”, bro.

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Missouri bill would allow deadly force against demonstrators


A Missouri senator on Monday pitched a bill that would allow the use of deadly force against protesters on private property and give immunity to people who run over demonstrators blocking traffic.


The proposal is one of several that follow sometimes violent protests in Missouri last summer over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, including demonstrations that blocked traffic on busy roads in the St. Louis area.


“To think that your right to protest enables you the right to stop traffic and literally stop people's ability to move about freely in this nation is a gross misunderstanding of our constitutional rights,” bill sponsor Sen. Rick Brattin said during the Monday hearing.


The Harrisonville Republican said blocking traffic can be dangerous if it stops ambulances or police from responding to emergencies.


Missouri civil rights leader the Rev. Darryl Gray told committee members that people also disagreed with how the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. protested, but “those same methods that you seek to criminalize are the same methods that helped to destroy Jim Crow laws, segregation and destroyed centuries of hatred and bigotry.”


He asked lawmakers not to expand the use of deadly force to those outside of law enforcement.


“If this bill is enacted it would vilify non-violent protesters,” Gray said. “I don’t believe that any members of this august body would deliberately seek to shield drivers who willfully choose to run over protesters.”


Click on the link for the full article

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On 1/14/2021 at 7:21 AM, visionary said:

This country....



Judge declines new arrest warrant for Kyle Rittenhouse


In addition to a new arrest warrant, Binger asked Judge Bruce Schroeder to increase Rittenhouse’s bail by $200,000. Rittenhouse’s attorneys countered that Rittenhouse is in hiding due to threats.


Schroeder refused both of Binger’s requests. During a testy hearing the judge said people out on bail often fail to update their addresses and aren’t arrested. He ordered Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards to turn over Rittenhouse’s current physical address but said it would be sealed to the public and only he and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department would have access to it.


The judge refused to give Binger the address, saying he didn’t want more violence in Kenosha. The move — and the comment — left Binger flabbergasted.


“I hope you’re not suggesting sharing this with our office would lead to further violence,” Binger said. “We are not the public. We are the prosecuting agency. I have never heard of a situation where the information has been withheld from my office.”


Click on the link for he full article

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Today, the DOJ filed a motion to dismiss claims . . . arguing they cannot be held liable for carrying out "a high-level policy decision".


Your honor, before responding to this motion, I would like said "high-level policy decision" to be entered into the record, identified as to the source of the decision.  


I also request leave to amend my suit, by adding additional defendants.  

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