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The Plight of the 2021 Baltimore Orioles

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13 minutes ago, Hersh said:

Hopefully the minor leagues have contingency plans set up before the season starts so they can get games in. 


They have to.  Having players at off-site training places isn't a viable option for a full season, they need to compete.  It sucks that Rutschman didn't get any live competition this year.

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I was definitely more encouraged by the team this year.  Progress was shown, new talent was promoted and thrived in several cases.  Not sure if it's the building blocks for just an average team or anything more than that, but it's a step in the right direction.  Let's hope we can get to a more normal season next year.

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16 minutes ago, TheDoyler23 said:

While tomorrow's Grapefruit league opener will be essentially meaningless. It won't to Trey Mancini. Welcome back, 16! 


If he plays well, which I hope he does, he's getting traded at the deadline or next off-season at the latest. 

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12 hours ago, abdcskins said:

Just for the hell of it. They gotta get at least 65 wins, right?



Man, I dunno.  That starting rotation is rough.  65 wins would be the best case scenario for these guys, IMO.

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Plus, Elias is gonna trade away anyone with value that is in arbitration or a FA to be. Santander will go. He definitely wants to trade Mancini but might have to wait until the off-season cause of how bad the PR hit will be. Maybe 2-4 people on the current roster will be on the roster when the O’s decide to spend on the mlb roster again. 

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1 hour ago, Dan T. said:

Good luck to the O's this season.  It would be good for the region if the O's could get back to their previous glory days.

It’s gonna be at least another 2-3 seasons before Elias even tries to win at the MLB level. 

Which is why I hate the guy. 

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Mountcastle’s 2 run double came off a missed bases loaded ball 4 call from Joe West (shocker). 

Means was so smooth. Just fantastic pitch selection and control all day, keeping em off balance. 


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Too bad Means didn’t get a chance to get the CG/fSO...ah well can’t complain about much today ... defense looked pretty darn good especially Ruiz at 2B

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3 hours ago, TheDoyler23 said:


The Red Sox went from being set up to win multiple championships and did win one* but man, that lineup now is the opposite of scary. 

(*I mean, cheating helped)


Dave Dombrowski killed that organization for a few years. Thankfully. 

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