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The ES Tennis Thread


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7 minutes ago, skinsmarydu said:

I love pickleball, but can't find enough on tv. Help? I have every ****in Dish channel, trust my $170 bill 😄🤬

Where is it? 

 there have been broad casting a few matches on ESPN lately.  I can wait for my gym to open so I can play again.

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I'm a big soccer guy but thinking of putting my kids into tennis with this whole COVID thing going on. It's a good social distancing sport, IMO. Planning on playing regularly with them at our Athletic Club this summer. Pickleball looks fun too.

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Former competitive tennis player here. It’s hard to keep it going competitively as you age with the stresses on elbow, shoulder and back.


I’ve played a little pickleball last summer and will likely try again once it opens up to scratch the racquet sports itch, and some social intereaction

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I meant to post this back in April.

We've known Paul since he moved across the street from us shortly after taking the job at VCU. His tennis coaching record speaks for itself. His men's team lost to Stanford in the 2000 Finals. I know he'll miss the competition but he's earned a well deserved retirement. 




Longtime VCU Tennis Coach Paul Kostin, who molded the VCU Men’s and Women’s Tennis programs into national powerhouses and once led the Rams to within a victory of a national championship, announced his retirement Tuesday.

“I am grateful for Paul’s 30 years as tennis coach, teacher and mentor to VCU’s student-athletes,” said VCU President Dr. Michael Rao, Ph.D. “As coach, Paul guided the tennis teams to national prominence. As a teacher and mentor, he guided student-athletes to promising futures beyond the court and classroom. Coach Kostin is VCU, and we will all miss him. I wish him well in his retirement.”



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I have to admit I haven't followed or played tennis in a good 25 years, but read an article on the Djokovic DQ and it mentioned that either him, Federer, and Nadal have won like 50 of the past 60 majors. 


That is absurdly impressive. My first thought was "and people got sick of the Pats?"

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