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2 minutes ago, skinsmarydu said:

He's got a long way to go to get outta this set alive...


Yeah, but he's drawing blood and getting his timing down.  That'll help him in the next one.  He made a lot of unforced errors in this set and Nadal has been particularly aggressive plus he's making Nadal shots that just blow your mind.

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Fantastic match. Rafa kinda fell apart in that fourth set, but literally every point leading up to that was on the edge. There were like 15 shots where I was like wow how did he win that (both players). The effort by both players was astounding. I thought they were both smashing the ball.


Honestly my favorite part of the match was when they announced they would let the fans stay past the curfew. I got tears in my eyes. I speak French and understood immediately. Hard to explain why I was so moved....I think it was the high level of the match at that point, but mostly the world getting over Covid and the officials recognizing the special nature of the moment. It was inspiring. I get choked up thinking about it right now. Sports man.....gotta love it.

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