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Miami Herald: I’m done trying to understand Trump supporters. Why don’t they try to understand me?

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6 hours ago, Captain Wiggles said:

Imagine for a second being so dumb that you think MTG is a good Representative. 😐

I think she's a good Representative. She is an excellent representative for a large segment of Republican voters. 

Yes, she's a Karen. Yes, she exemplifies the notion that if you're proudly evil that somehow makes you immune from being called evil. 

And her voters will love her for it. Because "she's just like me."

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Ah yes one of the most important issues facing society today "woke candy". 🍬🍫🍭


Republicans are always ever so concerned about the doings of potato people, sneakers, k cups, picture books, and now candy. Way to look out for what's best for me conservatives. 🤪

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Did she die because she got the vaxine? (Spelled wrong on purpose). Or was it a liberal plot to take out all of the conservatives and she was first in line? 

So, I went searching for answers and found it! “Probably her big and precious HEART gave out.” We got you libs! We got you! 


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Why it was just last week I mistook her for a maid. I said get me a diet coke, and when she told me who she was.. well, i was surprised, I must tell you, very surprised. Very surprised that she had managed to get past my outer security, because look, while we love Diamond and Silk, we love them outside, nowhere near us or our valuables. So I had her escorted from Mar a Lago and had everything disinfected and re-whitened. Poor Melania was so upset, she thought we were being robbed. I tried to calm her down, but you know, the sight of Diamond in her home.. or maybe it was Silk, I don't know, i get them confused. Anyway, stop the Steal, Nancy Pelosi is a mean old hag and once again, in memory of our dear Diamond, please send me as much money as you can so we can stop the liberals from killing our wonderful negroes.



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65 percent of Republicans say loyalty to Trump is important: poll


More than two-thirds of registered Republican voters said in a new CBS News-You Gov poll that they want the party to show at least some signs of loyalty to former President Trump. 


The poll, published on Monday, found that 65 percent of registered Republican respondents said that it’s important, to varying degrees, for the party to show loyalty to Trump. On the other hand, 35 percent of those surveyed said that the party doesn’t need to show loyalty to the former president. 


Specifically, 35 percent of respondents said party loyalty to Trump was “very important,” while 30 percent said it “somewhat important.”


Additionally, 81 percent of registered Republican respondents said that they want potential GOP candidates to have similar “policies and proposals” to Trump, while 19 percent want them to have different ones. 


Sixty-six percent of registered Republican respondents said they prefer candidates who have similar views of the 2020 presidential election results as Trump, while 34 percent of those surveyed don’t, according to the poll. 


Click on the link for the full article

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37 minutes ago, Cooked Crack said:




It's so much stupider :ols::


Tucker Carlson Is Complaining About Needing To Be Horny for M&M’s … Again


Well, it’s January, so you know what that means. Tucker Carlson is ****ing about how he can’t get horny for the lady M&M’s again. While you and I are worrying about how we’re going to get through the gloom of January, prepare our taxes, or just, you know, survive for the next few months, Tucker Carlson, and Fox News in general, are mad about something I’m willing to bet unless you run a very specific fanfiction site in a very niche corner of the internet, have probably not spent more than 30 seconds in total in your entire life thinking about.


… And yet? It’s becoming a yearly trend for Tucker and Fox News. It’s good to have kinks—I mean, hobbies.



Look, in some weird sort of way, I get it. We all have our cartoon thing. Mine just happens to be animated Robin Hood because I have eyes don’t I? Tucker’s happens to be the Green M&M.


As much as I would love to tell you this is some weird tradition we’re all being sucked into of Tucker’s, and it still could be, it’s partially due to some manufactured outrage in relation to a new, temporary, packaging. Per Rolling Stone:



Mars Wrigley is featuring their delectable chocolate mamasitas on new limited-edition “Flipping the Status Quo” packages. The company even introduced a new purple M&M (she’s really cute). A portion of proceeds from the campaign will benefit two nonprofits dedicated to supporting women in the music industry: She Is the Music and We Are Moving the Needle. 


Here’s the packaging if you’re curious, but you need to prepare yourself. Not only is the Green M&M not in heels (sorry Tucker) but it appears the new Purple M&M is in dare I say, combat boots? Won’t M&M think of the children? What’s next? First combat boots and then it’s listening to music with a political message. Then they’re out protesting out in the streets, and then they want their reproductive rights restored at the federal level. Fox News is right to be scared. The Purple M&M is just the start. Obviously.



Now that you’ve seen the Purple M&M, I need to share this clip, because friends? Tucker is mad that the Purple M&M is “plus-size” and “obese.” Apparently this is because it is a peanut M&M and Tucker has decided regular M&M’s have a different body type he finds more acceptable than that of peanut M&M’s? I can’t even keep a straight face as I write that. I don’t know, I feel like a specific subculture I have no interest in is being explained against my will and I’m mildly fascinated but mostly I just want to go wash my hands and bleach my brain because now I’m positive I know what Tucker Googles late at night when he’s sure his family is asleep and he finally has alone time.


Watch this embed at your own risk because what I’ve described is exactly what it is, other than the fact he’s also decided the Green M&M is now a lesbian. Surprise! I can’t figure out if that’s a good or bad thing to him. Only God and his Google search history know, and honestly, I think that’s for the best.



Click on the link for more

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I support this effort 100%


The more time and attention and effort and energy that gets expended over FauxNoose rage astroturfing the better. I am comfortable with the zomboids outing themselves in the candy aisle melting down about lesbian M&Ms, leftist Twix fighting rightwing Twix, TootsieRolls comin fer yer daughters! 


Yes it's embarrassing and revolting and leaves me with a dull ache behind my eyes but big picture people! We are in the trough heading towards '24 and if the morlocks spend their time on this **** they're distracted from more meaningful evil. 


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Trump Releases Unhinged Four-Minute Video and He Went WAY TOO HEAVY on the Self-Tanner


Maybe that orange spray tan Donald Trump keeps using is damaging his brain, but whatever the reason, he clearly woke up on the weird side of the bed Wednesday and dropped a conspiracy theory-laden four-minute-long tirade on Truth Social. He blamed President Joe Biden, the FBI, and “tech tyrants” for tormenting him with their deep-state powers, Uproxx reports.


He says he knows all this thanks to Elon Musk’s “Twitter files.” And gosh darn it, if Elon allowed a few selected journalists to release all them internal communications (per Mediaite) then it must be true.



“The now-famous Twitter Files have proven beyond all doubt that the corrupt officials at the FBI have been coordinating censorship and surveillance propaganda campaign against the American people and, frankly, against me,” Trump ranted, as Mediaite reports. Then of course, it was time for him to yell about COVID lockdown conspiracies. “They suppressed doctors and health experts who dared to question approved health narratives. They censored voices who criticized school closures, lockdowns, and mandates, and they even banned people for stating proven scientific facts and anything bad about China, they didn’t want out.”


Because of course, anyone who isn’t dead knows Trump has few nice things to say about China. But then he changed horses in mid-stream and said he wants the newly Republican-controlled House to hold hearings to investigate the “deep state” that did him wrong.



“The new Congress should immediately hold hearings to investigate the role of the FBI and other federal agencies in censoring lawful speech,” Trump thundered. “Congressional leaders should promptly issue subpoenas in furtherance of this goal. The revelations also highlight why my proposal to end the revolving door between the deep state and there is a deep state indeed. I wasn’at a believer, but everybody’s a believer right now.”


Trump also called for a seven-year “cooling off” period before government officials are allowed to work for tech platforms. 



Click on the link for the full article


7 year cooling off period?  So Devin Nunes couldn't do what he did?

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