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The Grilling and Cooking Thread

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On 11/18/2018 at 2:11 PM, sportjunkie07 said:

Meat thermometer recommendations? Got some bed bath and beyond gift cards so will probably grab it from there. 


Gonna smoke a turkey, prolly a 20lber. Could use advice there. 


Got this one per a recommendation from a neighbor that’s big into smoking.  Bluetooth and relatively cheap.





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Well, I had full intention of doing something different for Thanksgiving this year, but as they day got closer I lost enthusiasm and went with the old stand bys.


Herb roasted turkey:

I am almost always a ham guy, but this year I was more impressed with the turkey. I took about 4 sticks of butter and combined all of my herbs, salt and peppe and created an herb butter smear which I coated the entire bird with. Shoved a quartered onion up its arse. 

It was delicious!!!





Old Bay seasoned oyster stuffing, home-made from scratch mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. First time with the oyster stuffing, I added Old Bay to it for an extra kick. It was good, pretty different though.



Brown sugar, pineapple, clove crusted spiral smoked ham. The ham was good, but didn’t hold up to the turkey this year.





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34 minutes ago, skinsmarydu said:

I'm sick & tired of everything in my fridge. 😂


Same. I put bacon in the string bean casserole this year so that is probably going to be eaten all up today, but everything else, if it just disappeared magically? I'd be ok with it.

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I found the trick is to make a bunch of things that reheat well.  I don't like reheated casseroles or pastas or bready things like stuffing.  So I didn't make those this year.  Things like porridges and mashed potatoes and baked bean dishes reheat well.  That's what I made this year and I don't mind eating the leftovers every meal for four days straight.


Another key is to make enough of each thing that you can still eat the full thanksgiving dinner each time.

One final protip: make sure everything reheats well in the microwave.  If you have like one or two things that need to be reheated on the stovetop or in the oven and everything else reheats well in the microwave, those one or two things won't get eaten.

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My wife and I cooked our thanksgiving dinner for just ourselves this year.  We didn't travel to visit our families.  And I have never been more satisfied with a Thanksgiving dinner TBH.  It was the first year I was able to cook the turkey perfectly, and I think the key was that I cooked a much smaller bird and kept the process simple.  I got an 8 pound young turkey that was just the breast and ribs.  The thighs and wings and legs were removed.  So it only took two hours and cooked very evenly.  Didn't even use a roasting pan, I just cooked it in my cast iron skillet.


I also didn't brine the turkey or do anything fancy to it.  Didn't even rinse, stuff, or cover it.  Just patted it dry, rubbed it in butter and an herb rub I mixed up from common seasonings we already had, then roasted it in the oven for two hours without touching it.  It was the best turkey I'd ever eaten by far, and I will never do it in a more complicated way than that again.

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It was my daughter, granddaughter, and I yesterday. Adrienne made stuffed chicken breasts, Brussel sprouts cooked with bacon, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, gravy, and pecan pie. I made the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pudding.


It was all delicious!


They only thing bad was my granddaughter had a growth spurt since her birthday and is now taller than me! 


The other good thing is she made me a to go of everything. Made a great breakfast!

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Marinated some bone in center cut pork chops in Worcestershire, Caesar dressing, Carolina sauce, garlic powder, salt, pepper- cooking with oak, hickory and rosemary blend pellets.  With steam green beans and a soy, butter and garlic blend with salt and some roasted red potatoes in garlic butter (both of those steam fresh packages)



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