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The Grilling and Cooking Thread

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8 hours ago, Barry.Randolphe said:

@Skinsfan1311 - have you tried wrapping in butcher paper as opposed to foil? I've heard the butcher paper allows the meat to breathe better, which allows for more smoke flavor


  I've heard the same thing, and may try it one day, but I'm not going to go out of my way to buy it. Brisket is the only thing that I would use it for, and I don't cook briskets very often.  

By the time I wrap, it's gotten all the smoke it needs. 

I learned the hard way, that too much smoke can make food bitter, though briskets are pretty forgiving in that regard.

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Food things I discovered so far during the pandemic:


Old Bay Hot Sauce – where you been all my life? Hard to find but damn, it’s good.



Miso – used this for the first time with soy sauce as a glaze on grilled fish. Wow! I’ll be using this more often on veggies & other meats.


Omsom – read about this company in a food article. Small company that makes Vietnamese starter sauces – “Each starter combines all the sauces, aromatics, seasonings, citruses, and oils that decades of tradition call for. All packed into a kitchen shortcut!”. I ordered the ‘Sampler’ pack – 2 each of their 3 starters. I’ll update after cooking with them.


Alaskan fish – I decided to splurge & joined an Alaskan fish-of-the-month club. It’s a small co-op that is all handline caught fish. The June delivery was cod. I have grilled some & baked some. Delicious! I just received the July shipment of black cod (sablefish) & halibut. These will be on the grill in the coming days. I think the shipments are through November with different salmon species each of the remaining months.


That's it for me. What are the new things you've discovered?? 


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1 hour ago, EmirOfShmo said:

That's it for me. What are the new things you've discovered?? 

To nobody's surprise, for me its Grill Grates.  Totally changed the game for me as I had been looking at the Blackstone griddles prior to discovering these.  The only thing they really cant do is hibachi style fried rice as the rice would fall through the holes.   


Probably doesn't belong here but I recently discovered these, and I've been enjoying these regularly while I'm grilling...



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Entirely a farmers market meal on the grill tonight, because I’m too lazy to have my own garden.


White balsamic vinaigrette marinated chicken breast / heirloom tomato bruschetta / zuchinni + bell peppers + red onion + mushroom/ corn / Italian bread with olive oil, garlic, S&P, oregano, basil






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I'm out of onions, peppers, mushrooms...everything. No bread (except corn tortillas 😄)...making a major grocery run tomorrow. 

I had some ground round that I got on sale a couple months ago & vacuum sealed, so I added taco seasoning, made enchiladas with some verde sauce from my favorite taco joint, a bag of Spanish rice & a can of refried beans with cheddar and Taco Bell mild sauce. :silly:




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Wife & SIL in MD visiting friends (and eating jumbo crabs) so I decided it was curry night - spiced up coconut curry lentils with spinach. Paratha compliments of Trader Joe's (looks like the garlic naan is gone here in RVA). Also smoked some Hanover tomatoes & a little onion to freeze for fall/winter tomato soup. I have another batch I'll do tomorrow. 

Background music Low Spark of the High Heeled Boys & Glad playing on the deck. And the empty cart apparently was not as empty as I thought. Now I need another bowl of curry.

Gotta add: The live version of Traffic & Low Spark of the High Heeled Boys is incredible...Not sure I've heard this version. 

Probably my all time favorite song...Live makes it even better! 





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