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Pink Floyd to release new album The Endless River in October


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Singer Durga McBroom-Hudson, who toured with Pink Floyd throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, revealed further details on her Facebook page. “The recording did start duringThe Division Bell sessions (and yes, it was the side project originally titled ‘The Big Spliff’ that [Pink Floyd drummer] Nick Mason spoke about),” she explained. “Which is why there are Richard Wright tracks on it. But David and Nick have gone in and done a lot more since then. It was originally to be a completely instrumental recording, but I came in last December and sang on a few tracks. David then expanded on my backing vocals and has done a lead on at least one of them. That’s the song you see being worked on in the photo.” She also added that the album consists entirely of “unreleased songs.”

It might be a little bit of a stretch to call this a "New album" or even "Pink Floyd" but its new material for the masses and that's pretty damn cool after 20 years.

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Duuuuuude I must've tripped out and somehow I got the internet in 1975.


I can't wait to see if Allen can coach up my hero Sonny!

I'm pretty sure Zeppelin is putting a punch of unreleased tracks out on reissues of I-IV this year as well.

Oh and you're nuts if you don't think he's going with Kilmer.

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For me the big question will be how much of Rick Wright is on here. He was by far the most underrated of the group. Gilmour is a beautiful guitarist and Waters was one of rock's best lyricists, but Wright was the most accomplished musician and the needed jazz counterpart to Gilmour's blues influences. I don't think I would call this a Floyd LP, but it could be interesting nevertheless.

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