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Rexfest 2013 V Buffalo


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Thanks greatly for that man. My favourite ever season that I recall like yesterday. And a nice segment showing why you can't help but like Rex the man. Real nice dude. Just not one you want leading your team lol. 


And on the two clips, it brought home that in the first, we have Mr. ' **** it! I'm going deep! ' and what will be will be. And then we have the Canuck who had the prettiest deep ball in football history. Like ever. Anywhere. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, before or since has had a better deep ball than Ryp. When Mark let fly, it was a thing of aesthetic beauty. A complete work of art. 



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I really, really hope this is Rex GROSSman's last year!


Why?  You can't stand the fact that our 3rd string QB is a vet with SB experience?  Yeah, he's very streaky.  He is Jekyll and Hyde, with the Good Rex, Bad Rex thing, but he's a back up to our back up.  I don't understand your way of thinking.  If it's at the end of the season and we have a big game coming up, and Heaven forbid if RG3 and Kirk goes down, we'd at least have a 50/50 shot with Rex.  We'd still have a puncher's chance and hope that "Good Rex" shows up for the big game.

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