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  1. blitzpackage

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    FS#21 - Just wanted to say thank you for doing this for us. I really appreciate it. With my work schedule I only get to see about half the games each year - give or take a few - but I've gotten to see the last three games that weren't on TV here in NC. I hope you have a nice holiday my friend.
  2. Agreed. All I can think while watching it is "you got your collar popped, bro"? Stupid Nike, I'm not really a fan of the stretched out fruit rollups on the neck either. Whatever though, not the end of the world. Cousins does look pretty badass in his 'Gus Frerotte sleeves'. Has the right number too
  3. blitzpackage

    ES Soccer Thread

    It's a shame I'm only a mild premiere league fan, been getting into it the past 3 or 4 years because my buddy is a huge Chelsea fan and the last 2 World Cups have been so amazing. I pull for City but I'm not coming in here chest-thumping or anything. It's funny, I knew I wanted to pull for a Manchester team because my ex-GF studied abroad in Manchester in college so it seemed fitting. I started out pulling for United because I *thought* I liked Rooney. But then on FIFA a few years back I created myself, signed with Manu and they ended up letting me go at the end of my first season and City wanted to pick me up. Pissed me off. Crazy how that swayed me so easily. Then I realized I hate Rooney and United reminds me of the Cowboys. Old Trafford, the "Theatre of Dreams".....smh that's so ridiculous I never get to see any BPL matches, only on occasion do I see a replay but I did get to watch the Manu and City match last week. I had the same feelings I get when I watch a Skins game, ridiculously nervous, biting my nails, just a nervous wreck. I understood what was on the line. I can honestly say this sport really is amazing, so much skill from the athletes it blows my mind. I've really started learning about the players by watching behind the scenes on City TV and I really respect a lot of them now becuase they generally seem like good people....maybe with the exception of Balotelli, but he IS funny as hell. My favorites on the team are Kompany and Yaya Toure now, I really like how they carry themselves off the pitch. I think Kompany is just a tremendous defender from what little I know but Yaya blew my mind with how tough he was against United in the midfield. It amazes me how he can keep his footing in traffic and he's a strong guy, pretty agile and fast as well, just couldn't believe how athletic that guy was. I've always liked Ivory Coast players like Drogba from watching the World Cup but if I ever have some extra money you can believe I'm getting a #42 shirt. Anyway, I know QPR is going to fight and I really hope for huge, life-long City fans they can pull this off. No direspect to United fans here, but it seems like they've had PLENTY to cheer about recently. Just a shame I can't watch the match and be more involved. Whatever happens, I think I've been converted and will probably get the package next season so I can watch all the games. This sport truly is the beautiful game - except for all the flopping on light challenges
  4. blitzpackage

    ES Soccer Thread

    City!!! C'mon men need to get the 3 today.
  5. ^^^^ That tshirt is 100% poly and has a wicking finish on it. I work for Hanes printing tshirts and I can say that isn't overpriced. Our version is almost $30 without the printing. That being said I don't like them that much. They're clingy and some of ours pick easily..
  6. You can get it from Itunes for $1.99 per ep standard def. Standard should be fine for a laptop it's more like DVD quality. HD is $2.99 per ep. I guess maybe go to Starbucks or somewhere for download. Usually takes me about 8-10 minutes per ep. Good luck, I guess it's up for debate if it's worth it or not - depends how desperate you are
  7. I don't pretend to have an answer that would please you tbut if you just want to make something up: that walker was hit in the face with a shotgun not a projectile. Maybe the aim was off, it blew off part of her chin. Maybe only a few pellets entered the brain and put her in stasis for like a minute Max. IDK lol. And to those talking about Shane, I don't have as much of a problem with the actor as some. I suppose he could be better but his attitude is no surprise to those of us that cracked open the source material.....
  8. It's funny most of the first season came right from the pages of the comic, even some of the frames. Honestly for those that don't know...the parts that AMC created that don't appear in the books are really well done but a few fall flat. POSSIBLE SHOW SPOILERS DO NOT HIGHLIGHT!! The good: The tank scene, Morgan's emotional scene killing his wife, Merle's plea to God on the rooftop, both Merle and Daryl's characters, Shane's incident with Otis, Shane sticking around for more drama... The bad: The CDC, the well scene, the Sophia stuff. It's obvious filler for a full length season Hopefully th pace will pick up next year.
  9. In the comic their target practice actually......*draws one over and they catch it and put it in the barn. The scene makes more sense in the comic because they just came from hairy situation in a suburb before finding Hershel's - the group was scattered and attacked by a mob and they thought it would be best to teach everyone to defend themselves. *Ninja for slight comic spoilers
  10. blitzpackage

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    I'm so sick of directv's stranglehold on the NFL. This model is so antiquated. This isn't the ****ing stone age anymore. When you monopolize a product and price gouge it will be pirated. IMO what they're doing is more illegal. This isn't the "want a sandwich, need to buy a loaf of bread" situation. If I want a sandwich I can just go buy a single damn sandwich. Its time to sell online team packages you greedy ****s. /rant
  11. blitzpackage

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    I checked the channel just now and I definitely get it. I saw the promo for the game - Thursday @ 7:30. Only time will tell, but I know I've watched an NFL preseason game on MASN before here in NC. I was going to make a thread about this, glad I didn't.
  12. blitzpackage

    **** the Cowboys

    **** the ******* Cryboys!
  13. blitzpackage

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Because The King never gets old. Might as well add this too.
  14. blitzpackage

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    :laugh: That's funny. I figured it was real cards.