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  1. looking for HOF DG28 jersey size 54. Pm me with a price if you are willing to part.
  2. Time to turn this thread back up after 2 days in the stadium..... I always enjoyed the tailgate more lol. REDWOLVES!
  3. So this umisnt really name related but has stemmed from the name change. Ehat does the media really want? I mean the statement was released saying we are retiring the name and logo abd because it was on a state with the name and logo on it it is a problem. It took too long, the new name wasn't announced, it was only done because of financial implications, etc. Is our franchise just this tainted that when we do the right thing, we do it the wrong way. What can Dan Snyder do short of selling the team to make people happy. Which reminds me that I saw a twitter post that state
  4. Just woke up, hoping that the news isnt embarrassing. Has a time for press conference been released???
  5. Been doing that for years So can we adopt the too sweet hand gesture too. Supposedly WWE has it trademarked and has already sent out cease and desist letters.
  6. I think I still have that red wolf head t shirt, from when I was like 8, in the attic.... wonder if it fits after gaining 150lbs.
  7. Without a 2nd thought. Many still wear oilers jerseys and such at titans games. I will buy new merch but will always have this R logo tattoo on my leg. You can't change history so why not wear it, speaking of which, will we not have throwbacks now? Lol
  8. I just used Alex Santos as a example for a paper in my sports management class. Guess there is a vacancy, where do I apply lol
  9. I need a press conference announcement or something.... figured by the time I woke up there would be some sort of announcement or confirmed leak.
  10. Not that it makes it any better but Fetus was my nickname from like 8th to 11th grade.... thats where it all started..... Washington Fetuses!
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