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  1. Steve Smith saying on the NFL Network that the Skins would be a great fit for Clowney. Then we could pass on Chase Young and draft a QB. If that scenario happen I would throw a temper tantrum the likes noone has ever seen. Lol
  2. It's funny how I had every game you described playing out in my head like it was last year instead of 30 years ago. That Detroit game was wild. I believe Rutledge had over 300 yards passing in the 2nd half alone.
  3. At least they released him early enough where he can catch on to another team before free agency hits if he chooses so.
  4. I'd be lying if I said all the Carolina hires doesn't concern me just a bit, But I Trust Ron and give him the benefit of the doubt. No matter how much crap Panther fans give me around here. Lol
  5. I hope the Lions fall in love with a QB and get nervous that some team will jump to 2 so they'll want to trade with us to guarantee they get their QB. They offer something like a 2nd round pick. Then we pick up an extra pick and still draft Young.