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Post your reaction in GIF or pic form once you heard we traded up


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A little off topic but I think its important that we take a moment and pay our respects to the Browns and their fans who were basically ready to offer the same deal and yet we beat them to it. It is important that we understand that while we dance and giggle like little school girls about getting RGIII others are stuck with the likes of Colt Mccoy. So, please take a moment and feel the pain that the Brownie fans are going through.. This video could have easily been one of us.. feeling the pain of being stuck with Sexy Rexy.

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ha i seriously wish i had a gif of my reaction just for posterity's sake. i was at work and i had my stepbrother and his friend who are cowboys fans text me at the same time about the trade. i dropped everything and checked espn and it was breaking news across the site. i jumped up and started running around the office cheering and giggling like a little girl lol. my buddy is a lions fan and i asked him if this was what it felt like when they drafted matt stafford.

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Big gamble for a team with many needs!

The need of a good QB out weighs any other need ten fold. Now you have that number one need addressed the other needs are not so monumental.




I still can't stop pinching myself to see if this is indeed a dream or reality.

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The day after.


Just going by the usual odds, we horribly overpaid just to move up four spots. This trade is going to define Mike Shanahan's time here.

Shanny is the man, if this trade works out.

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Noob alert: I did read the FAQ, but just don't seem to be able to show the image.

Try using the insertimage.png icon in your posting window, to insert an image.
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LOL, One Browns' fan reaction. Warning adult language...

Hmmm, I wonder how he really feels. :ols: But seriously, I feel his pain -- especially if the reports are true and Cleveland's desire to hang onto their other first-rounder this year is what scuttled a potential deal with St. Louis. :doh: Snyder may sometimes overspend, particularly on older players, but at least he's not afraid to swing for the fences. :wavetowel

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