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  1. It's from a documentary called "Jesus Camp" and someone made a gif from it.
  2. Haha no problem man! I had to dig to find that one again.
  3. I like how it isn't shiny like how the other teams did it. As close to leather as you can get I guess.
  4. I saw the Steelers throwback uniform :puke: I can't find the Eagles throwback though, anyone have a link or a pic?
  5. Its because everyone is using it. Ive searched a couple forums and its the only working link ANYWHERE
  6. I was watching from the beginning and now its freezing constantly and the audio is choppy. Great
  7. This seems to be working great http://livetv.ru/webplayer.php?t=veedocast&c=PSNHD2〈=en&eid=62195&lid=54221&ci=142&si=27
  8. Its unbearable dude, I could walk to Fedex but I cant have it televised to me? **** FOX
  9. I live in Baltimore and can't see this ****ing game.... this is such bull****, watching the skins online living an hour from fedex
  10. This is such bull****. I live in Baltimore about an hour from Fedex. I have lived in MD my entire life and been a skins fan since birth. Now I have to stop watching games at home with friends because Fox doesnt broadcast a team that's stadium is 40 miles away. Im disgusted.
  11. I dont get this...says its on Fox, ratbirds are showing on CBS. But its not on...
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