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Post your reaction in GIF or pic form once you heard we traded up


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I just cant get over the fact that people are excited about us doing EXACTLY what has caused us to fail for years and years now. Are there nothing but new skins fans in the house right now or something?? Do none of us recall the past 20 years of this franchise? I just dont get it...
We have needed this for 20 years now. Keep this post and repost next year after RGIII has great season.
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*Baylor Fan's crazy dance*

I thought this was fitting seeing how it's Baylor. :ols:

I don't know if I want that guy coming to Skins games, but i know it would be funny as hell.

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Here's a clip of the ES moderators when they heard:

Thank you for that, wow, laughing pretty hard over here. Can't say enough about the "standing on one leg and waving the other leg in the air dance"

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