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    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Yeah, He was stopped dead in his tracks constantly against Clemson, in fact they tried moving him to the R/T side and still same result, I even saw the Clemson TE block him a couple of times 1 on 1, I don't think CY is all that strong, if NFL tackles get a hold of him he's not going anywhere!!! IMO... I think he has bust written all over him!
  2. Yes!! There is no more valuable player than a potential franchise QB!!! If Haskins is a legit QB, he will bring back a #1, if not...then it's no brainer to take Burrows!! I am not opposed too trading back with Young available, LT tackle is a more pressing need, we have 2 good D-ends as of right now!!!

    Ron Rivera: Redskins First (non-interim) Head Coach of Color

    What color is his skin??? White!!! To refer to him as a person of "color" .. deciding what his skin color is or should be based upon your assumption of Puerto Ricans sounds about as racist as you get!!! The NFL is full of what you would call "minorities!" So this guy who has been treated like gold in the NFL his entire life is breaking some sort of racist boundary??? Sad that once again race takes precedence over accomplishment, instead of looking at his merits that he himself has "WORKED" for, seeing the man for who he is,,, rather than his skin color, has to be cheapened by interjecting race into his hiring...why? Because that's all some people see!!!! Tell me; what makes the hiring of a Puerto Rican individual any better or worse than the hiring of anyone else???

    Ron Rivera: Redskins First (non-interim) Head Coach of Color

    So a man who is a shade darker than an albino is now a man of "color??" Always someone trying to interject race into something!!! Just look at all the potential pro bowl CB's who are passed over because they are white!! What a shame!! smh
  5. I thought the Panthers made a mistake at the time of Riveras firing, i thought that team was built around Cam's unique talents, once that left that team needed to be rebuilt, apparently the Panthers thought otherwise! I think we did well with this hire under the circumstances, especially when a buddy of mine who's a huge Bengal fan started texting me we were going to hire Marvin Lewis...dodged that bullet!!!
  6. Del Rio removes Manusky, addition by subtraction at the very least!!!!

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I just don't see Young as the next great pass rusher??? He doesn't possess the explosion you want to see out of a great pass rusher or the power, and he looks like the type NFL tackles will blow off the line of scrimmage, he has more of a lean body type like an oversized WR, I think he's another overhyped college player! For my money I would draft Andrew Thomas OT Georgia, offensives go no where without studs up front, then either convince Trent to return and move him to RT or Thomas, then get a RB, or we trade Trent for a 2nd and possibly a 4th or 5th rd pick.
  8. Pow...right in the kisser!!!
  9. I refuse to celebrate so long as Vinnie Cerratto is still breathing and available for hire!!!!

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: 2019 Nightmare Season Finale'

    Let's see; Chase Young is considered the best player in the draft, and projected to go #2!?!? With that said; Skins 42 Dallas 0!!! If there's 1 thing we have learned under Snyder; self destruction is always inevitable!!!

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    More like the only coaches willing to work for Snyder... are the firing kind!!!! Coaches who really know their stuff are normally very strong willed, that is not copasetic as it pertains to the meddling moronic midget - Dan Snyder!! See Marty Schottenheimer The truly talented coaches have options and they know it, let's face it; Snyder has been dumpster diving for head coaches since he bought the team, he is the equivalent to the fantasy football moron we all know and love, as they make it so easy for the rest of us, kind of how the NFL teams view Snyder! Unfortunately Snyder has not a clue how to evaluate talent...and how talent translates from college to the NFL, but he will never give up attempting to prove that he does!!
  12. I know our line is not great, but is it really that bad talent wise, there a major coaching problem? I keep hearing what an O-line guru Callahan is, AIN'T SEEING IT!!!

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    Jay's offense was productive when McVay was running it, once he left and Jay assumed play calling was all down hill! Jay IMO is a lot like Norv, he has a system, and runs that system no matter what the personel, or according to the opposing defenses strengths, once teams get a read on it they have a pretty good idea where the routes are going, along with the play calling tendencies, and Jay couldn't adjust, and I don't see anything different from the current coaches!!!

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    In the same way that any other GM's on the Redskins throughout the years; they scout, they evaluate, then they draw up a draft board...then Snyder show's up and say's; "I'm taking this guy, this guy, and this guy, your evaluation skills are meaningless to me!!!" His preference? Players with cool nicknames, and those who have overstayed their welcome in the NFL!!

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Let's be truthful; Danny and Bruce are clueless as it pertains to any and all football matters!!! Of course Bruce is sitting on Danny's lap while Danny works his mouth like a puppet!! My guess is; not trading Trent has more to do with Danny boy not being able to admit he created such a toxic organization that players want nothing to do with it! Capitulating to Trent's demand to be traded would only validate the disaster Danny has built...and Danny can't live with that, so his only play is to wait out Trent in hopes that Trent see's the light and comes home, proving Danny boy "does" know what he's doing!!! We are a joke of an organization, and always will be so long as Danny own's the team!!!