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  1. Just saw this a little late, but quite honestly you want to single me out...then you can kiss my ass blow hard! I am not kneeling to your PC BS, and your holier than thou judgments of others because "you" don't agree with them!!! Especially for some stupid football blog "supervisor" LOL! So go look in the mirror, pat yourself on the back, and tell yourself how important you are, then send your big time resume to Mark Zuckerberg, he doesn't have enough PC no nothings working for him, attempting to tell everyone what to say and how to act!! Redskin football moderator Yeah I will bend over bac
  2. As usual the PC clowns make a statement without any verification, any facts to back it up!!!! Typical!!! And of course...no idea why or how the name "Redskin" came about!!!
  3. We certainly don't want Indians to have a say! It's the non Indians that have the problem with it, the racist PC crowd who see nothing but color! Just because they are offended, they believe they have the right to dictate to everyone else to be offended as well! Apparently Indians themselves are too stupid and too ignorant to be offended, so it's up to the PC P@#$%^ to do it for them!!! On Indian reservations, they name their schools "Redskins" their sports teams "Redskins" doesn't sound like it's all that offensive to the people who apparently are supposed to be offended does it??? 90%
  4. Can't wait for the Chiefs, Cleveland Indians, Redskins, Black Hawks, and Braves all change their names, then we can hear about all the racist sports teams that refuse to include or acknowledge Indian heritage!!! There is no winning with the PC crowd!!!!
  5. Genius!!! I noticed your lack of comprehension, and inability to absorb uptake, and thought that may help you??? I would have used crayons but......
  6. Danny is looking into this for a reason; he knows the majority of Indians like the name, and the rest could care less!!!
  7. You do have to consider a whole new set of problems with a "spear" on the helmet; the BLM will go on attack, as the term "spear chucker" is, or has been a derogatory name towards blacks!! Perhaps they are too embarrassed to do so??? Or...they are so short nobody can see or hear them???
  8. I say we go with the Washington Trumpers, or the DC Donalds!!! That should put an end to all the PC clowns! I am sure that will give them a whole new perspective on the "Redskins" name!
  9. It's not all about speed, it's instinct, aggression, a natural ability to go get the ball, this kid looks much different than the Robert Davis's & Cam Sims of the world!! https://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/993810
  10. let's not forget SAMAJE PERINE! I was waiting for the 4th rd blow up, perhaps we got it right this time???
  11. Prince Tega Wanogho, or Charlie Heck, we need a tackle!
  12. Looks like Rivera & Turner now have their Christian Mccaffrey!!!
  13. I would trade down, hopefully with Miami, swap our 1's and add an additional 1 & 2, trade Trent for a 2, draft J. Wills OT Bama, then hopefully deal down again into the 2nd rd and grap Jalen Reagor WR TCU, that would start our draft off with maybe the 2 best players at their positions, Reagor IMO may be the best WR in a great WR draft, he is flying under the radar!!! I would then draft #2 Cesar Ruiz C - Michigan, and #2 Deandre Swift, I would then go after either Antoine Winfield S- Minn. or possibly grab KJ Hamler WR - Penn ST with my last #2, 3rd rd I go for Chase Claypool WR/TE ND, and
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