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  1. I know our line is not great, but is it really that bad talent wise, there a major coaching problem? I keep hearing what an O-line guru Callahan is, AIN'T SEEING IT!!!

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    Jay's offense was productive when McVay was running it, once he left and Jay assumed play calling was all down hill! Jay IMO is a lot like Norv, he has a system, and runs that system no matter what the personel, or according to the opposing defenses strengths, once teams get a read on it they have a pretty good idea where the routes are going, along with the play calling tendencies, and Jay couldn't adjust, and I don't see anything different from the current coaches!!!

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    In the same way that any other GM's on the Redskins throughout the years; they scout, they evaluate, then they draw up a draft board...then Snyder show's up and say's; "I'm taking this guy, this guy, and this guy, your evaluation skills are meaningless to me!!!" His preference? Players with cool nicknames, and those who have overstayed their welcome in the NFL!!

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Let's be truthful; Danny and Bruce are clueless as it pertains to any and all football matters!!! Of course Bruce is sitting on Danny's lap while Danny works his mouth like a puppet!! My guess is; not trading Trent has more to do with Danny boy not being able to admit he created such a toxic organization that players want nothing to do with it! Capitulating to Trent's demand to be traded would only validate the disaster Danny has built...and Danny can't live with that, so his only play is to wait out Trent in hopes that Trent see's the light and comes home, proving Danny boy "does" know what he's doing!!! We are a joke of an organization, and always will be so long as Danny own's the team!!!

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So long as Danny own's this team, this team will never win! The sooner we come to grips with that, the sooner we can stop getting worked up over our losing way's, as it should be expected!!! Still thinking there is a hot shot up and coming coach out there just waiting for his chance??? Think again!!! Any truly gifted football man will have nothing to do with Danny, they have no interest in coaching a team with a medalsome midget with the football IQ of a cheerleader telling them what to do! Danny sent the football world notice to his medalsome I'm the boss and i will do what I want way's when he fired Marty after 1 season, a season that should be viewed as a phenomenal achievement in Redskins history considering the circumstances!!! But instead of a medal and a contract extension; Marty was fired! Why? Because Marty wouldn't let Danny boy play fantasy football with a real NFL team! No matter how brutal Danny is at talent evaluation, coaching hires etc. no matter how many times he fails and has to start over, he will always believe that the "NEXT" time will be the time he finally figures it out!!! The only questions left are; how much will we devalue Trent's value before we finally trade him (see Kirk Cousins)? What is the over under on how many coaches will be fired attempting to develop Haskins? And will we spend more or less time attempting to develop Haskins,,, as we did J. Campbell?? I "DONE" don't know!!!

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    "The league DONE messed up!" I laughed when he said that, it was apparent he had no clue about the difference between college .. and the NFL!! No Dwayne the league didn't "DONE" messed up...the Redskins "DONE" messed up...........AGAIN!!!
  7. Snyder; "your fired!" Jay: "what about Manusky?" It was time, Jay for whatever reason was stagnate, this team needed a change .. any change! The question is; can a new head coach in this case BC, do anything with this O-line, an O-line BC has been in charge of, and has played terribly IMO under his tutelage? I know BC is beyond reproach as it pertains to O-line coaches, but that's what I do; call out the failure of such coaches, will he NOW realize Morgan Moses is a stiff, I don't care how big of a contract we gave him attempting to convince the world he's a top RT! Will he be able to get past Bruce Allen's tremendous people skills along with his "eye for talent", and mend the great gulf fixed between T. Williams and the organization? Will BC be able to perform a brain transplant on Manusky and replace it with the brain of someone who actually knows something about defense? And most of all; take Snyder for a ride!!! All things to be considered!!!
  8. Bruce is a Vinny clone always has been, just a figurehead to deflect for Danny to call the shots! I will say this; the last 3 drafts I have been very happy with, I believe whomever is making decisions on personnel get's it, but coaching is a different story; our defense Monday night made Trubisky look like Johnny U., nobody has figured out Manusky is a disaster, the defense has no clue where to be, just like Manusky...they're lost!! We could pull someone out of the stands on game day who would provide a better game plan than Manusky!! SMH I believe Jay has a hand in keeping some players that are really not NFL material, I for 1 believe that whomever considers Morgan Moses a top RT tackle .. has never watched him constantly being beat, wonder why our O-line can't run block? MM is too slow to hit the man in front of him, and jay is married to this guy, he was the same with Ryan Grant. Jay I believe is a decent coordinator under the guidance of a good offensive minded head coach, basically another Norv Turner, neither are a leader of men!! I will cut Jay a break in this sense; perhaps .. just perhaps he is being held back by the incompetence around him, but now that we have over the last 3 seasons bought in a lot of talent, the ability to excuse Jay is becoming harder and harder...

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    I think we have to look to the college ranks to find a creative mind, Jay is reminding me way too much of Norv Turner, he has his offense that he runs and that's it, no specific game planning, route changes, etc. he just calls play's, once teams see the pattern, they pretty much know what to expect, there are no real surprises as the offense becomes more and more stagnant!! More to the point of our sad state of affairs; I am thinking this team will never be a formidable winning franchise so long as Danny owns the team, he's a nightmare; a fan who knows nothing about football...but thinks he does, he's the clown in everyone's Fantasy Football league who leaves everyone scratching their heads and laughing at their stupidity, and no matter how many times drafting 2 TE's with their first 2 picks winds them up in last place...there they are at the next draft doing it again!!

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    Gruden goes into a shell once he runs his list of play's out of the gate, if he some how get's a lead .. he coaches as if he is milking the clock, problem with that is; he starts doing it in the 2nd quarter!!! Jay is the ultimate coach on surrendering momentum, how many 3 and out's can we possibly have after we get a lead??? He's like a card player who wins the first hand, then he wont play another hand because he's scared to death he may lose what he has won, in so doing he get's blinded out and goes home broke!! Jay has NO killer instinct, Philli goes for it on 4th and 1 and get's it, Jay punt's on 4th and 1, Philli see's a hole in the middle of our defense and runs how many consecutive play's right up our gut all the way down the field for a TD, do you think someone might have seen that huge hole in the middle and adjusted our defense??? I have been a huge defender of giving Jay a real opportunity, but that defensive scheme is a disaster it's not like we don't have the talent at minimum to be a top 10 defense, the head coach has to have some say about that, apparently Swearinger knew exactly what he was talking about even if he was out of line doing so when he trashed our defensive scheme, Manusky is a Dunsky, how no one can recognize that and get rid of the guy just shows how football illiterate our hierarchy is!! A change HAS to be made immediately on defense, we have to have someone who is smarter than this guy within the organization, if not; pull someone out of the stands on game day, we can't do any worse!!! I can still see Wentz looking down field going; eeny, meeny, miny, mo, which wide open receiver shall i throw???

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    The problem that we face is this; no real football people want anything to do with Danny, Bruce and all the amateurish antics that go on within our organization!!!

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    Manusky is a joke at this point, Jay coaches like a munt, time to bring in some new blood!!!


    Just referee's in mid-season form for the Redskins!!!


    IMO, The Skins from Jay on down are mortified of injuries after the last 2 seasons, and are doing as little as possible to at least get guy's to the start of the season healthy, even if it means they are not fully up to speed with the offense!!!


    YUP...the seasons over, no way this team can win, after all if you lose in the pre-season with your backups in, with most of your starting offense not even seeing the field, it's obvious we are finished!!! I don't know which is better; guy's talking super bowl after a dominant win in the pre-season, or...#1 draft pick after a lose??? SMH