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2011-12 NHL and Other Hockey Thread [Hockey Hall of Fame class announced]


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There have been some pretty good games recently. Toronto gets a big opening night W. Phaneuf with a SNIPE. Northeastern opened up last night with a tie. Tied it at 3-3 with 2 seconds left in the 3rd period. The oldest ice rink in the world (101 years) exploded. Couldn't hear myself think.

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On the Road in Boston, on the Road in NJ, now home against Vancouver. As a Flyers fan, i was hoping for a 1-1-1 start. But this is amazing. I'll take another W vs. the 'Nucks tonight!

The place will be rocking the orange and black tonight, that's for sure.

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Claude having a great first :)

1 goal, 2 assists ..........

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Crossing my fingers that there will be a big realignment in the next few years that puts the Caps in a division with Pittsburgh, Philly, and NYR.




Fixed it for ya. :thumbsup:

I would love this.

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Woot! Flyers win 5-4, move to 3-0 on the early season. Nice early wins vs. Boston, NJ, and Vancouver. Let's burn tires!

Funny how you get excited about a 3-0 start for a team that hasn't won a Cup since around the same time the Caps came into existence but Caps fans are supposed to restrain themselves from being excited about a 7-0 start (after beating your team as well) because we've never won a Cup...? Hmm....:rolleyes:

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