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  1. Like a helicopter taking off? I feel ya.
  2. Of course, I'm not a Wizards fan at all. I'm a Sixers fan. I'm not a huge NBA fan, but I catch on when the home team is in the playoffs. I looked at this website noted above, they have Austin Rivers going to the Sixers. I am now officially pumped! Someone that can shoot - holy ****, batman.
  3. I will preface my post by saying I don't know **** about soccer; but I have found myself becoming more interested -- the EPL on TV more often in my area has helped. The US Team seems to be getting really old. I mean, the centerpiece of the team is still Donovan and Howard -- these guys are old (or are they in soccer years?). Where are the young studs???? While this group has had some pretty nice successes, are we about to enter a new lull in the winning because all of the good guys are retiring?? Like another 20 years of sucking real bad? We can produce the world's best in bball, baseball
  4. And what "sport" are you referring to??
  5. Although I'm watching the NFL playoffs, I see that Kevin Love has 8 rebounds already and it's still 1st quarter. DANG MAN!
  6. Lemme guess, I'm only allowed to come on the REDSKINS message board and say that everything is hunky dory and great with the Wizards? Sorry, bud, but if it's not Redskins, its fair game for hammering And btw, who is this "Arenas" you talk of?
  7. Now that is funny as hell -- there is NO way Dwight Howard will be a Wizard -- he has WAY too much set on being a movie star and he's going to go to a winning program. Seriously, no shot at all for Washington - none.
  8. Just an outsider with an observation -- Kris Humphries just went for 21 points and 15 rebounds against your team -- that is why you lost. A bum like KH can do that???? Seriously, he's lucky to be on a roster.
  9. Here's hoping that Smokin' Joe Frazier is comfortable and with family and friends. Nobody will forget the "Thrilla in Manilla"! True Philly boy
  10. Really young doesn't mean shi'ite if you lose 60 games again Just sayin............ of course, there will be no season this year. Another year older with no more experience.
  11. Close game, but not a good game. VT has 9 points in 9 minutes of the 2nd half. They could have buried UNC, but they have NO players.
  12. Are you referring to the 1-2 Wizards? And the only win was against a winless, hapless Sixers team? Welcome to 25-57 baby.
  13. I'm just providing a realistic view ... Do you think the Wizards are gonna win an NBA championship in the next 10 years? Serious question ...
  14. Dude, he may be better than Jordan in the end, but IT'S ONLY 3 FREAKING GAMES!!! OY VEY!
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