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  1. Ha, not gonna lie - I rolled my eyes seeing the post. LOL, thank you for responding though. I agree Rs have gotten away with things, no matter the guise they've hid behind. Doesn't mean citizens like me can hope that there are some good politicians out there (Good enough) that uphold values. In the meantime, we have who we have and hopefully the ship can get corrected. With someone new. And as I stated in a different thread, with a Republican people can get behind.
  2. I agree. But while Trump is in office and people are working for a narcissistic leader in Trump, the GOP folks in government will most likely pander to Trump. Trump will pander to the base. If Dems win in 2020, you will hear about what we heard when Romney ran against Obama "We need to look at ourselves, what the party truly means, etc.". I could probably be more Libertarian (Which is who I voted for last election), but majority of the time people speak right/left.
  3. I'm assuming this is to my post. I will go into more detail here and if you want to discuss pros/cons i'm all for it, but I didn't want to go into length and be picked apart when i might just get bashed no matter how i phrase it. Open/Free market - I believe this is where a lot of things that people all over the place use come from, the benefit of an open and free market. Every single one of us has the opportunity to go into any field, invent anything, take any amount of risk and put something out there that can change the landscape of any field. I enjoy limited government interaction - I don't want to pay the government money for them to spread around to everyone for various aspects of life, when everyone has the opportunity to make their own choices. I am, however, happy to pay into for services that help those that are less fortunate, social security, etc. I am big on indivuals face certain choices and that can and will shape their future. And you need to take responsibility for poor choices. Also families is huge to me. I dont care how that family is shaped (IE - Dad/Mom, Dad/Dad, Mom/Mom) but just that the family structure is there for kids. I don't agree with a lot that Trump says or does, I did not vote for him. However, there are some things that i think is awesome that he's done. Do you mean Trump, or do you think the GOP has strayed from those core values in total (IE - most R's are too far right or something?) I see that LOL. I'm always up for good convo. I really started getting into politics in my early 30's (35 now), but I feel that most places is left leaning dominant - and every person who says they are to the right it's like a curse LOL. But if my convo here turns into a **** show, then i'll step away.
  4. For me, I am one for open & free markets, limited government interaction, strong families & values, and individual/personal responsibility. High level.
  5. I thought I'd find like minded conservatives in here....whoops!
  6. The dumpster pool is still epic. As a Phillies fan, hoping they get Harper...then they can add Kuechel just like Arrieta last year, a late snag for someone who is unsigned. Thats greedy, but i figured why not be greedy. I do think this is a 3 way race between the Nats, Braves and Phils. The Mets will be improved but I just don't see it being contender worthy.
  7. superozman

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    I do wish people would agree with taking care of our environment. I don't think things in her green deal are logical though. I applaud her for the focus which leads my to Mooka's point, where I think we disagree. I don't think she's smart just running with it because all it's going to do is continue the division of the far left with their no cows and no planes just a decade from now and people on the right laughing at the ideas. Now if her end game is to throw everything out there and maybe a couple things end up doable, maybe thats what she's trying to do?
  8. superozman

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    I agree it can, and most likely will impede her. Reading through the "Green New Deal", maybe i'm realisitic, but there are so many laughable things to be included, and then she says no one should question her. I like idea people in government, but if she wants to be a successful idea person in government, she has to come up with more realistic thoughts. Personally, I also like to see the idea people implement. I'm not sure she's close to anything that could get implemented of the radical ideas.
  9. superozman

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Another public interview!!?!??!? I'll be excited to hear this one from 980!
  10. superozman

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    I am hoping, and have said in this thread, I want a republican other than Trump to vote for. If not, my vote will probably go to Gary Johnson or someone else that aligns more so with my beliefs. HAHA, sign me up! Although I haven't found a dem i'd like to vote for yet. Except the local level, which is vastly different. For your second point, i think there are people who blindly look at the results, and say "I cannot believe how many republican things he actually pushed through". So therefore boom, you get the die hard trumpers. And man that was a sentence i had to re-read a couple times to follow but good point lol.
  11. superozman

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Starting to hear some conservative folks think it is good for Rs to see these presidential hopefuls come out so early on the D-side. Do Dems think it's a good or bad thing? Also can there be "too many" candidates, meaning could there be so many candidates that it actually helps the Republicans?
  12. superozman

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Absolutely. Good point. I would say though, $7.25 or whatever it is at the moment is low federally, and maybe $15 an hour might be a touch too high elsewhere. A good point might be, that I didn't correlate was inflation effects different areas in much different ways. I can't find it now, but national average from 2000-2018 was $92. So $100 in 2000 was $192 today. (again, i could have pulled this from a crappy source as i can't find it). Well in Philly, it was $100-188, and in Seattle it was $100-233 or something like that. So different areas are impacted.
  13. superozman

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    For one, the person won't be a douche bag like trump. I also think they will be more towards the center of things, more bipartisan on important topics. I've always looked at a few key areas for this, I think my response might include things you consider anecdotes, however, I feel relevant. 1. Wages have been stagnant. While I lean to the right, one thing that I wish more Rs would budge on is wages. Moving minimum wage up should be done if done correctly (over time, not instantaneously). I think most proposals do this, and all I ever see is people react as if it's happening overnight. 2. Childecare. Childcare is SO MUCH MORE now. It's unreal the numbers I hear that people pay ($1,000+ a month). Childcare wasn't really a big thing when people lived off of one income, one person stayed home. Now this huge expense has people (technically) working for a few dollars an hour in some cases, or people continue to work to grow their earning power through a time when they are making the few dollars (this latter scenario is a small pop, i'm sure). 3. I'd like to look into property taxes and home ownership more, to see how that fits into the equation. Just looking at certain housing data and how much they sold for less than 30 years ago, they increased exponentially. The values drives up taxes, and is this something that is costing more now vs. back then. 4. Education. I have so many friends in student loan debt, that pay RIDICULOUS amounts per month. I'm going to differ with many people here I'm sure, but parents need to work with their kids - even adult kids - to help them identify what is right and wrong with kids and their careers. I'll tell you my crew, all our parents were in the "YOU HAVE TO GO TO COLLEGE" because it's a thing that was punished in our heads. Well not everyone of my friends was fit for it. I have a friend who goofed off and played video games mostly throughout his first 2 years of college. Barely getting by, and failing most classes. Took 2 years in community college, lived at home, then 2 and a half years to finalize his degree. He's 8 years removed from college and is in a job where he is satisfied, and doesn't exert the extra effort to have income growth as he should, with a $740 student loan payment per month. In the meantime, there are so many jobs open not requiring college that pay very good wages, parents need to be accountable for assisting their kids in their direction in life without having that few hundred dollar per month expenditure. 5. I would disagree with the beyond the means "they aren't the majority". I just think I have a different viewpoint, where many would argue the necessities of items and such. There is so much more that we pay for today, that people previously didn't. Cable, Smart Phones and Smart Phone data plans, Internet, home security systems, memberships to different things etc that many people get, even though they might not have the means for it.
  14. superozman

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE give me a republican to vote for over Trump. PLEASEEEEEE
  15. superozman

    It Could Have Been Worse (or better)...A look back

    For some reason I instantly thought of the Hogan trade last year. We traded 188 for 205 and Hogan, which Gruden rarely keeps 3 QBs (Not since RG3 i think) on the 53, and we traded for a QB when he loves McCoy. He ended up leaving. But the Browns guy is now in Seattle, and we drafted Tim Settle. So it worked out.