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  1. superozman

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    Injury List - I'd suggest removing Crowder - he played in 47/48 games before this year. And for me, I'd be hesitant without Thompson/williams/moses. Norman should stay, agree, and Haha is an easy don't resign for me. Nicholson back in as starter next year. Penalties have been my biggest issue. Really stupid ones too. i'm not talking about ones in difficult spots, or iffy calls. I'm meaning drive killers on Offense, and drive extenders on defense. we've had way too many this year. I'm a big big believer in continuity as well. And to a fault sometimes. But seriously. It's time for Bruce Allen to go. Ive had it. He's had control of the team in 2010 and did some good things, that I liked. Go all in for RG3, I liked the Shanny hire, I liked the Gruden hire. I did not like the handling of SM, and I really haven't seen the progress under him. Personally - i want to move on from Allen or if he's around he's in a position of not so much influence. My target is Joe Douglas:
  2. superozman

    Redskins Send Off Welcome Home Eagles

    Ah Ok. I had WIP (Eagles Radio) tailgate tickets, which was free food and free beer in the Wells Fargo Center. So lets just say that was the highlight #2 on my ranking system for that night. #1 was AP's run.
  3. You can disagree with it all you want, it was confirmed Allen did not speak to them before the signing. a couple others appeared to have, but those two were on record not speaking to Allen.
  4. I don't like being lied to, and this apparently isn't a great statement to make when there were players who appear to not have been talked to... Confirmed People who spoke to the front office about Foster: None Confirmed did not speak to the Front Office: Jonathan Allen Haha Clinton-Dix
  5. superozman

    Redskins Send Off Welcome Home Eagles

    what lot you going to be in?
  6. superozman

    Redskins v Eagles MNF (Who is going?)

    I will be there, however, will not be there early enough to run a tailgate I can do the thread if people want, but i wont get there early enough to set up. BLAH
  7. Shawn Springs is in that commercial about that company now! Probably can catch it on youtube. From my understanding (tried to find links to solid info, but its scarce), the teams do want to market and all of that. Google Jeffrey Laurie and his push for the kelly green Eagles, its the NFL that's stopping it. Sorry if I wasn't clear on the roles of the NFL vs the teams. And I agree - not sure why the league would think its an issue to brand these overall - however, i do remember some of the feedback at the time when particularly the eagles wore their blue/yellow uniforms. people really didnt know who was playing at first. (Part time fans, obviously).
  8. superozman

    Fight for OLD DC Yellow Hoodie?
  9. Many people, including me (Said in this thread before), the helmet is part cya safey - but really for their branding. There were tweets and comments galore when people didn't know what teams were playing, when the Eagles wore yellow/light blue, Jets dark blue/gold, packers brown/blue broncos brown/yellow, etc. Which is also why I believe teams are limited to 3 pants. The branding is easier when the colors are the same.
  10. superozman

    Norman, enough is enough!

    My whole thing is IF that money will go somewhere else, and you have a comparable person to replace them, i'm good with it. HOWEVER, if you end up with wasted salary cap space, IMO that money saving means nothing, with a rich owner like Danny.
  11. superozman

    Norman, enough is enough!

    I'll chalk this post up to this theory: "who makes a lot of money, and itsn't playing elite, and I'll cherry pick plays he didn't do well on" You don't just cut a good player because you aren't satisfied with a few plays that yes, did get first downs, but weren't the reasons we lost the game. You sit here and single out Norman, when Moreau had a disastrous game. Dunbar was beat more than Norman yesterday, with awful tackling. But Norman is post worthy? Ok.
  12. superozman

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    I'm not sure a coaching change is the miracle we need. I wish McVay was still here then I'd be all about it but thats not the case. We don't have an internal candidate, and I'm really not sure of the outside candidates yet. However, these players respond to Jay. While i am frustrated with Jay when we dont come out running the ball, establishing that and then playing off it - I'm not sure if another coach would do the same thing?
  13. Makes the most sense we got Sanchez. Hope he's game ready with how much McCoy likes to run! Sanchez was coached by numerous coaches that are on the Skins staff. On a side note, the leg was 33 years to the day of JT's... The Butt fumble will be exactly 6 years to the day this Thursday...
  14. superozman

    Sean Taylor

    Many of the players do. I think you were trying to respect ST with this but I don't think disrespecting the team is the way to go.
  15. superozman

    Redskins v Eagles MNF (Who is going?)

    1. I should be going, if you don't post a tailgate thread I will (if i'm going) 2. Kelvin Bryant is incorrect. 3. They will be drunk. They will talk crap. They will say bad things to you. Just ignore and you will be fine.