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  1. Unfortunately it is. And I have to admit i laughed at the "**** all that" line! hahaha
  2. Dan Crenshaw has been a solid breath of fresh air on the Republican side. Uses twitter, clear and concise in thoughts. Someone on that side to look for.
  3. superozman

    Report - Matt Ioannidis signed to extension

  4. superozman

    What was the best vacation of your life

    ARUBA. I loved it. One Happy Island....seriously. It was flat out mesmerizing and amazing.
  5. superozman


    @TheDoyler23 and I might be saying some of the same things here, just different ways of saying it. If you go strong, and it feels right, definitely try it out. The club head most likely will end up with a closed look, so use your left hand to guide you and slowly move your hands/arms forward so your club head is aligned appropriately. If you don't, it might correct your slice but lose distance. Also, definitely get those hips working! could generate more club head speed!
  6. I appreciate the honesty in the back and forth, while helping me understand where you come from, instead of just a name behind a keyboard yelling back and forth. And on a side note, multiple times when you've posted a quick snapshot of your histroy and someone else mentioned it to me in the other thread, i've thought "I can't imagine what his mindset has gone through from leading a church to being basically the opposite".
  7. I do see more people with liberal ideology posting, do you not agree? Why would I ever think I'd be kicked off the board?
  8. I typically go by a few things for my religious experience: 1. my personal, and i'm Presbyterian. 2. My wife is apart of a megachurch (which i wish she wasn't) 3. I have friends that are in other churches not Presbyterian, including both right and left leaning friends. 4. I have non-religious friends. I guess i can reword the whole protected class question for you. There are 9 other protected classes aside from Religion and race, you mentioned 6. In this post you then only mention 3. I am not aware of churches as a whole or majority falling short on some of those, but would love to see what you think. I think for our back and forth on here, what i perceive (Please don't be offended :)) is that you have found that you believe what you previously believe cannot possibly be true. All the while other people believe its true, and use as a guiding principal, you seem to scoff at the notion (based on your sarcastic example above) that anyone can believe its true.
  9. Thank you for responding. I can see where you are coming from, and understand your point. In the end, people (hopefully) review candidates principals, goals, promises etc, and vote on who they align with. Which is why for those people that praise Trump for stating anything similar to "being a representative of the Christian people", I'll laugh in their face. And I know thats out there. I get my guard up though, when a wide brush sweeps across for many things that shouldn't. And that happens all too often in politics and political talk. In the end, I post on this board to learn. I see I'll be learning a lot of the left side of things, which some/many I may not agree with, but some I will.
  10. Wasn't asking you, however, I disagree. He is making a claim, and I am looking for examples of "Many" that "Tell their flock", that validates the claim. I don't think i'm asking for anything that isn't pertinent to the conversation. Additionally, i'm asking after a claim, not making claims and not backing it up.
  11. Can you provide examples of "they tell their clock go vote for businesses to discriminate...", as you assert so strongly here?
  12. So my claim was many churches denounce discrimination. You state that many pastors decry discrimination in most of its forms. So we agree there I believe. You state that there are churches/pastors that voice the issue but typically only racism. I'm not sure what churches need to do with the other 6 classes that they aren't doing, considering if you remove race and religion there are 9 other classes. I'm not sure I like that claim how it's stated, but feel free to elaborate. And I think we can agree that there is a divide in some churches between laity and clergy. I've been in that situation. However, in my area, i've seen more churches where the laity does not like the decision of clergy in being too judgmental and not being outward in discrimination. So interested flip there from your area versus mine on that one.
  13. LMAO fine. I'll ask you. (See above question).
  14. Many churches do loudly announce Christianity condemns discrimination. Have you gone to local churches to see what they have done, or are you just generalizing from what you've read?
  15. superozman


    I experimented back in the day, but settled on neutral, so can only give advice on my experience. A few questions though: When you miss, what do you tend to do, pull or slice? What is your club head speed, or if you don't know, do you feel you go generally fast or generally slow? Are your hips quick, do you feel you get enough movement with hips, or do your hips move slow or little?