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  1. it's crazy to me how many people give up on a QB. Haskins is learning Scott/Ron, and vice versa. Did Haskins play particularly well in the beginning? Absolutely not. Did he show flashes last year adn some this year, at times. Now he continues to learn, he's doing some things better but for sure has the potential. Whether he takes the next step is up to him. We live in a "give me satisfaction now" world with QB's, in the meantime we don't pay attention to those that do grow with time and practice. For that reason, I hope he stays here and ends up our franchise QB
  2. I don't know, but my Qanon facebook buddy is now sharing a bunch of stuff from E. When I asked if Q has now become the letter E, his response was "E is leading this part of the operation". Oy vey.
  3. Bucks is the county north of me. Delaware County "DELCO" - now made famous slightly by Barstool, there were towns with 45+ minute waits, again, based on what they said fits us too. More voter turnout.
  4. I'm glad people now know who Jo Jorgensen is now! and Spike! Enjoy your nights tonight, #HTTR, and @NoCalMike GL in the job hunt!
  5. A couple personal firsts for me. Voted for a woman president for the first time, and voted 3 different parties in a single vote for the first time. Indeed people can bash me for what the can clearly deduce from that, just a cool moment for me personally. Hope everyone had their chance to vote!
  6. Wow. Extremely disappointed in this move. So disappointed. To the point something better have happened behind the scenes or I'm extremely frustrated with Ron. 2 weeks ago we are not calling timeouts because of lack of preseason and being cautious about injuries. Yet, we won't let our young QB develop without a preseason. I get frustrated with the losses too. But lets remember Kyle Allen looked just like Dwayne has, last year. OH, and by the way, our ****ty offense beat the panthers with KA at the helm last year.
  7. Is Soto licking his chops looking at this disastrous Phillies bullpen? It's SO FRUSTRATING right now, but some additions should help the Phillies. However, this series could be a series for one of these teams to spiral down, or emerge as a threat.
  8. they are some awesome pieces! a few from the era I didn't collect and need to go out and get.
  9. Yea, i'm starting to narrow my card collecting down to my teams, and investment pieces. Learning the market is tough but you can pay for your hobby if done right. TY! i'm trying to get /10 higher end autos of all the vets as best as i can!
  10. Here is the rule: Third, be it Further Resolved, that a Club may not change its regular home and away uniforms more than once every five NFL seasons, and may not change its third uniform design more than once every five NFL seasons, absent specific extenuating circumstances (e.g., Club ownership change or relocation) as determined by the Commissioner. And an excerpt of how long a normal uniform change takes by rule for reference: Uniform Change Notification and Approval Timeline -- By March 1 of the year prior to the year in which a unifor
  11. Is the NFL rule still 5 years for Uniform changes? If so, rushing to something you may be stuck with something people don't like for 5 years. I'm fairly certain it is, as the Rams just went through it. They wanted to go white/blue and then throwbacks, but their jerseys had gold on them and they couldn't get rid of it.
  12. A co-worker and I met up for lunch, ate outdoors, my first time eating at a restaurant in months. It was a good sense of some piece of normalcy.
  13. Philadelphia is required (restaurants in my area just outside, some have adapted) to use 1 use items and everything is trashed afterwards. Not environmentally friendly though, but less risk for the virus. All condiments have to come in those little cups with lids.
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