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  1. superozman

    This might be the worst Redskins running team I've ever seen

    The amount of yards is due to the lack of runs being called. Even while we are down 1 score, tied, or been up (we've had the lead in both games).
  2. 1) Both organizations are high on their back ups [NO is even high on their 3rd string] and 2) NFL mid year trades for QBs aren't notorious for playbook reasons. Yes, recently Jimmy G pulled it off but not sure of many success stories outside of him recently. Also, we most likely wouldn't hear any news unless it was leaked by Brucey Bruce that we picked up the phone and offered.
  3. superozman

    Derrius Guice and the Skins Synergy of Suck

    I've always said it's funny how I always see people point fingers at the trainers/doctors for the injury issues, when maybe it needs to point towards the people responsible for drafting/signing players. The past couple years we go "Oh i can't believe we have so many injuries! our training staff sucks!". Then the Skins hire an outside company to do an overview of the injury situation and it's determined that it's bad luck. I truly feel that by signing players who seem to be more apt effect that luck. Look at last year, Guice injured during college with knee issues, but we draft him. Tears ACL last year. ACL's are purely bad luck, but is he just more apt to be injured with his knees? PRich - injured a lot during his Seattle career, we sign, ends up on IR. Trey Quinn on IR, comes back, ends up on IR. Cam Sims didnt' play a full year until his sr. season, put on IR.
  4. superozman

    Will The Home Opener Crowd Be Empty Again?

    Here is my take: 1. Dallas fans always show up well. Whether they are from Dallas or not (more than likely not), they show up. 2. Dallas is once again a media darling to do well, and week 1 while at home vs the Giants, they dominated. This will give Dallas fans confidence in going. 3. Redskins fans who have season tickets probably see this as a solid game to sell. 1 - buyers in Dallas fans, home opener, division game - probably best opportunity to get money back. 4. State of the team - week 1 didn't do any favors, blew another lead. A 'keeping the seat warm/competitive QB" at the helm, injury concerns again, same head coach people are upset with, etc.
  5. superozman


    My assumption on the loft comments, is they were telling you that you have 3 drivers, with all the same lofts? You only need one driver, and my suggestion without knowing anything is 10.5 degree loft. Depending on your affordability range and desire for new (I feel used is fine), check out any local store in person or a site called i'm not familiar with play it again sports as they are no longer in my area. In your bag i would recommend a Driver, 3 Wood, 3-9, PW, SW, GW. You can also substitue your 3-5 irons with hybrids if you feel you hit them ok. Putters - get what you feel is comfortable. try different styles at a store and see what weights/style feels best.
  6. Yup, my pessimistic view: 1. Selling House 2. I would assume his kids go to school in DMV area, so bring his family back to DMV for school year. 3. Tell Dan in person, i'm gone. 4. Retirement announcment. I said up front pessimistic. that is as about as down in the dumps as we can get i think.
  7. I read this last night and this freaking disgusts me. This woman actually believed something because it was something she heard growing up. This woman is an idiot, for applying a policy to her business but not knowing the facts. It's her own damn fault. Don't people realize instead of believing old wives tales we have at our grasps information galore? I will say there are updates out there, and not excusing this for her, but from what i've read she grew up and was told bi-racial couples are against the Christian belief, which is 100% untrue. Her husband challenged her where it was in the Bible, she couldn't find it and then went to her pastor who corrected her, but has since apologized. A pretty big mistake that could hurt her business.
  8. That comeback was just CRAZYYYYYYYYYY
  9. superozman

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Sadly i'm not sure how the Redskins pull this one out: Eagles - 24 Redskins - 10
  10. Just a side note, Quinn moved to his favorite, 18.
  11. superozman

    The Parenting Thread II - Advice, Tips, Etc

    Congrats on the kiddo! being in the banking industry a lot of the banks compete with talent and I've seen an uptick in benefits due to that. We had a similar bump for my place of work for parental leave to 12 weeks, with women allowed 4 additional medical weeks if needed. And #2 for me is due in Jan!
  12. Training staff, and medical staff are 2 different areas. I understand your viewpoint, but your gripe i believe lies with the medical staff possibly more so than the training staff.
  13. superozman

    Subscription services that are worth it

    Netflix Hulu NFL Sunday Ticket (Live in Philly, Skins for me Panthers for wife) Xbox Live Gold Short Par 4 (Golf Subscription Box)
  14. See, i think it does. I feel awful for those that may lose their jobs over a boycott. So in this situation I think it's clear. Every democrat has talked about taxing the rich, etc. So Ross goes "hmmm, which politician won't touch as much of my money...Donald!"