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  1. Your first line - agreed. That's something i waver on personally if I should care or not. But when you said "we" about him moving to LG, do you mean fans? I haven't heard one Redskins person say this was in the plans.
  2. LT is extremely important to any football team, and you just don't want to let one walk. Of course the team will have to evaluate, but I don't think we have a viable replacement at this time. I see a lot of instant reactions here and find it funny how many people just say "cut him" "Trade him" "Let him go". We don't know what the ask from him is, aside from a new contract. We have a very good person drawing up contracts, in fact, most skins fans have been singing his praises with numerous deals. Why do people forget this now? He might just be pushing for a contract through age 36 where we tack a few things on and give him some signing bonus that helps him financially but stays status quo for the team & his cap hit. Lets hope both ends get a deal they want.
  3. superozman

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    they stated it us under review here. Also, interesting to see that each area isn't itemized. Which is the first thing a person with any business acumen would do. "$328K for Police" needs to say something like: 546 Officers at $75 per hour for 8 hours each. or something.
  4. superozman

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult I do not see this working at all. Not whatsoever. A lot of things that can fall through the cracks on limiting interest rates as well as post office banking. Post Office banking really sounds like a pie in the sky idea that didn't think through the little things.
  5. First - definitely thank you for a polite response. I was nervous if I was going to get blasted for a second. I'll respond to points, we will probably see where we fundamentally disagree, which could be interesting to take other's points. Unable/unwilling/Child suffer. - This is where adoption comes into play. I understand it is difficult to put up for adoption, I've read countless stories. However, to me, how is one able to reconcile killing an unborn. Unwilling parents, I have no sympathy. I still fall back to you have an adult responsibility now that you created human life, due to taking part in sex. There are many contraceptive ideas out there. Go use one or multiple (Just not multiple condoms at once, ha!). While you think that argument lacks nuance, I say the same for unwilling parents. Child suffering - I would assume you mean in life because they have parents unwilling. I would hope adults around that child step in, or the parents natural parenting skills come out. Age, understand age, that's something i'm wavering on. I think thats a separate convo and for here I can give you that argument. I know, I for sure am super lucky. In my adoption group of parents, there were 5 given in it. 4 had FAS, the other was me. Its humbling sitting back and thinking on my life's path. Which is why I hope that path for more kids. But it first starts with the to be parents who might be unwilling or unable to say "I am unwilling, I am unable. There is a life inside one of us and that life has a right to be the best person they can be. I will take care of them, and if I decide I cannot take the best care of them after birth, there are many parents looking for babies out there for this person to have a better life."
  6. Simple. Because I could have been sucked out by a Dr after being killed in the womb. Instead, I was given a chance to live. I was put up for adoption, adopted and am a contributing member of society today. So for me, I'm "pro-life". Now, does that mean I don't like "women's rights"? Absolutely not. I think many would agree, and many of the laws that i have read (particularly GA and OH), that the women's life and health is prioritized and people want it that way. I understand some don't, and I think that is not a good stance to take if you don't elaborate. So if that is in the bill, one conflict sometimes that is not is rape. I think killing a baby in the womb because of rape is a negative on a negative, however, I understand the health impacts of a woman and that could be a woman's decision, IMO. For me, what should never be, is the fact that if a woman with a man and they choose to have intercourse, the woman ends up being pregnant, there is no reason that baby's life should be terminated. As adults there comes responsibility. Now those 2 adults have a responsibility to raise that baby. Even under tough circumstances they should step up to the plate for the decision they made. This is my view. I expect to get harassed, but I've seen so much by those screaming how awful these bills are when i think there is a middle, even though I know I would never budge on my last paragraph as people won't budge on their opposite views, I needed to let something out, and this was a good medium for a discussion.
  7. I saw this yesterday, and IMO, this goes to the most extreme case to say "This is why we shouldn't have this bill". However, when you read the bill, a doctor can logically, simply argue that this 11 year old's health would be in danger in numerous ways if she went to term. Then normal abortion laws kick in, 24 hours to look over information given, everyone sign off and that 11 year old (hopefully) with her parents give the doctor the decision.
  8. superozman

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    Ehhh...if I'm her I'd accept. Absolutely want every outlet possible as I would know I have a steep hill to climb with Biden and Bernie.
  9. I disagree with your approach. The only reason I knew it was a white power symbol, or it's being used as one, is because of the tweets where people tried to say the highschool kids were racist from the whole Native American confrontation story but throwing up that "sign", however they were calling out 3's on the basketball team. I'm not a goddamn fool nor asking for anything if i would have said ok to someone or did the game. I literally didn't know it was a thing until then. And I hate that we are letting it become a thing.
  10. Tough spot for the school. You have a problem - i assume all prior communications have not been responded to and now you have a large debt you need to handle. So you are forced to make a decisions. Think through what a school has as options, this does make sense as an option. You provide what's required by law but nothing additional, until debts or payment plans of debts are structured. The only difference i would have done was 5th grade and under gets a more balanced meal, 6th and up gets the standard sandwich. This will help assist and ensure the younger kids are more bearable for teachers.
  11. Who's bullpen is worse!?
  12. I'm glad to see a pitcher go over 100 pitches, always. Love Corbin isnt being babied. Ok, Riggo I'll see myself out!
  13. superozman

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    I didn't elaborate, but yes - the student loan forgiveness panders to the youth vote, 100% agree. I'll have to dig up the thread, thanks for sharing!
  14. superozman

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    My opinion, the top three things I would say are: 1. Native American Heritage issue 2. Recently, the student loan proposal 3. Breaking up tech companies and other companies