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  1. Bad news. Over 95% of all shark attacks take place in 3 ft of water OR LESS. Think about. That's where the majority of the people are. In waist deep water when sharks attack them. Yes, many shark attacks of surfers are in deeper waters, however, believe it or not, most surfers are never attacked.
  2. I agree. Of all the "noise" from the minority of complainers, I haven't heard a single thing about any sponsors (especially FedEx or Nike) making a peep about this whole thing. And I seriously doubt we will.
  3. Bang, the reason I specified Nike is because they are the company that makes the official jerseys & other NFL gear.
  4. Bang, you are absolutely right & I agree 100%. In fact, as I recall, didn't the case to have the name changed go all the way to the Supreme Court...twice? And they lost both times? That is as far, legally, that this could ever go. And like you said, the bottom line is the most important thing to the League & especially with a case like this. There are still overwhelming numbers in support of the name, overall & in the NA community. The Vikings, the Raiders, the Chiefs, the Buccaneers, the Bills, the Saints....all have something to lose in the future possibly if the Redskins were to change their name because of this as I'm sure there are groups waiting in the wings to pounce on those team names as soon as the Redskins change. However, like I said, Nike is the one sponsor I would think would be the biggest concern & I seriously doubt Nike cares if people are offended because people, like me & I'm sure I'm not alone, are still buying Redskins gear. Politics & media? They're a joke.
  5. Agreed. Unless Nike & other Official NFL Sponsors start pulling away from the Redskins, nothing, IMHO, will change. And as has been mentioned, the Redskins are a money making machine. No one who benefits from that wants to mess with it.
  6. If you go back a few pages, you'll read that I beat you to the punch on this. And I agree. That way, we an keep our culture & since the chief said they would adopt the Redskins, they would be untouchable after that, like the FSU Seminoles. However, I hadn't thought of changing the Washington part to Potomac. I REALLY like that!
  7. http://www.forbes.com/pictures/eddf45hmlk/nfl-billionaire-owners/ According to Forbes, there are 15 Billionaire owners & although Dan Snyder is not one of the highest in terms of personal value, the caption under his picture states that the Redskins are the 2nd most profitable team in the League, leading me to believe that the League is going to be on board with Snyder's decision to keep the name. I have no problem believing that the League itself would help Snyder cover legal fees & any other expenses he may need to keep this fight in his corner.
  8. Uh, no. I'm a Mike & I am definitely not with them. Also, to be fair, & certainly not trying to offend, but Michael Smith & Michael Wilbon, while not white, represent a "white man" mentality in this particular case. The idea that they can say something in regards to this situation is just as absurd as the white men who are all trying to speak for the NAs. And in all of this (and to be fair, I haven't heard word 1 from Wilbon or Smith about this situation) I haven't heard a single person make mention of the real problems on Reservations & the issue which real NAs face every day. All they seem to care about is winning a battle armed to the teeth with the wrong information & political correctness that is also m0isplaced. While we on the opposite side & supporting the name seem to actually recognize the real issues at hand & maybe because of this fight, have opened some of our eyes to getting more involved with those issues in some way. That said, it ain't about them being "Mikes", although they very well could be aliens.
  9. I live in Mobile, Al. & I work with people who regularly give me a hard time about the name. A couple of them are mostly joking & as with the rest of us, once I explain what is really going on & the facts of the situation, I get a "hmm..." response & the recognition that what they thought they knew was apparently misguided. I do have one guy here who apparently is on board with the name change & regardless of facts I throw at him, he only can say to me, "it's derogatory." He has no facts or grounds in which to back that up, he can't even tell me where he originally heard it, just that he believes that over all the evidence I have shown him. I asked him one day if he knew who Ray Halbritter was. He said, "No, who is he?" So I start telling him about his crooked plan to take land that doesn't belong to him & how he is using this argument to win public approval & become a hero so that when he takes land that isn't rightfully his, people will basically give him a pass. He walked away shaking his head & trying to shame me as though I'm trying to justify myself. His kind of blatant ignorance is what I really can't stand. Beyond that, I rarely hear anything negative except for the usual "Redskins suck" from various opposing team fans. Occasionally someone will stop me in Walmart & ask about it & again, when I explain it, they look as though they are satisfied with my answer & their newly acquired education on the subject. And I wear my Redskins stuff everywhere. So, I don't really think those that are trying to gain ground on the subject are doing so as well as they think. All it takes is for someone like us to inject truth & facts into the conversation & that generally changes the whole direction of it. Nothing is going to sway me from being proud of my Redskins fandom & heritage. I love my Redskins, I love what we stand for & who we represent & that we do it with pride & honor. Never, in my 40 years of life have I ever seen a Redskins fan mocking the very things we proudly represent. Never have I seen a Redskins fan making fun of the logo, the name or the people that those 2 honor. I am proud to be a Die-Hard Redskins fan. And that will NEVER change, whether the name does or not. Hail to the Redskins!
  10. While I can understand your discomfort, I can promise you that what took place in our history here with the Native Americans is far from the worst genocide in human history. Places like Russian & China might actually hold those. I am by no means trivializing the travesty that took place, but don't make it worse than it is. That said, there isn't anything that can be done about what has happened. All we can do is move forward. As I said in a previous post, I have read a lot on this subject & rest assured the word "Redskin" is not a widely known slur. It was created by NA chiefs to unify the NA community. Red has been a long standing symbol of honor for the NAs. As I also said, it's possible someone used it to slur NAs in isolated situations, but nothing society-wide & nothing in all the things I've read even mentions it being a slur. Now, if someone tells you they are a Native & they are offended by the name, there isn't anything you can do for that person but tell them you are sorry. Be compassionate & listen to them. Explain to them what has been explained to you in this thread. Much of history has been convoluted & learning history has been different for all of us. There are actually people who teach their children that there was no holocaust & that the Jews made it up to gain worldwide sympathy. Honestly, everyone is offended by something. While I recognize that atrocities were committed to Native Americans & their culture, try to remember that they are still just human beings & that you putting down your Redskins stuff & feeling guilty for being a Redskins fan isn't going to change anything for that Native who is offended by it. If you are feeling that strongly tho, I would suggest that maybe you should look into getting involved with a charity or organization that is set up to help Natives get better health care, education, facilities, etc. Maybe even looking into the organization that the Redskins set up, "The Original Americans Foundation". But I can assure you, the word "redskin" is not a slur. Why would other Native American communities use it as well if it were?
  11. I don't know that any of us disregard the atrocities committed to the Natives by our ancestors. In fact, I would say, if anything, the traditions & culture we have so lovingly embraced as Redskins fans is our way of keeping those things real & honoring those people by keeping the memory of them alive. In all the reading I have done about this, the word "redskin" was never used society-wide as a derogatory term. Everything I have come across refers the derogatory notes as "savages". Wherever this information is coming from that "redskin" was used to degrade Natives is seemingly fairly remote, considering it's origin resides with the Natives themselves. Just about every other claim to it's origin has been reputed & dismissed. Now, as far as whether or not a minority has the right to be offended or not, my opinion is this. Yes, they do. However, having the right to be offended by something & dictating the outcome of that something because you are offended by it are 2 entirely different things. I am offended daily by things I see on tv. Things that offend me as a Christian, things that offend me as a male, things that offend me as an American. Most of those things I am more than likely in the minority on & I have every right to be offended by those things. But, simply because I am offended doesn't mean that they have to change. Now, in the context of the argument on the table, there is not a single group of people that has not, in some way at some time, endured some sort of atrocities to them. That includes Americans from Europe. Let us not forget that our ancestors came here escaping injustices. And while I believe that there should be more done for the Native American communities, changing the name of our beloved football team is not one of them. I happen to agree with several Natives that I have read about who fear that changing the names of all sports teams that represent Native Americans, history can be re-written & we as a whole, will forget them altogether over time. As it is, & has been stated here in this thread, this case has reminded us about things that took place that we learned about years ago & some things that we didn't know. It's not exactly like this information is thrust upon us regularly. The atrocities that have been done to the black man in this country is something we are virtually reminded of every day & we even have a month designated to remembering our brothers & sisters of color & honoring them & the horrible things that were done over the course of our young nation, yet not a single month, week, or even day (to my knowledge) is set aside to honor the Native Americans. At least, not in such a wide-spread & vocal manner. Yet, as Redskins fans, we are a constant reminder to those who would like to forget that there is a whole culture of people who were wronged repeatedly & regularly & a people who deserve better. We are a reminder of people that need to be remembered. Now, maybe, a small amount of Native Americans are truly offended by the name because for some reason or in some way, the word "Redskin" was used to degrade them. To them I would say, "I am truly sorry that happened to you". However, to the 90+% of Native Americans who consider the word a badge of honor, we would be doing them an enormous injustice by changing the name & we would be forgetting how important they are to our culture, not just as Redskins fans, but as Americans as a whole.
  12. Virginia would make more sense since Ashburn is in Loudoun County & Richmond is in...some other county. Even if they build the new stadium in Fairfax, with all the other facilities in various areas of Va, "Fairfax" wouldn't apply.
  13. Not necessarily. The CEO & President of the Powtomak (I think I'm spelling that right) Tribe in NoVa has offered Dan Snyder the opportunity, if the Redskins are forced to change the name, to be adopted by the Powtomak Indians. They could change it to Washington Powtomaks & still keep all of the logos & traditions that has been a huge part of our culture as Redskins fans. Ultimately, the only thing that would change is the name. And, even with that as the name, the fight song would still work. If we are forced to change our name, this is what I would like to see. Because then, the name, the logo, our entire culture would be untouchable, just like the Florida State Seminoles.
  14. Right. Because as is afore mentioned, one person will start singing & the whole crowd will chime in. Can't stop that. No matter what happens, no matter if the name is changed or not, 81 years of tradition & 50 years of singing the best fight song in sports. That will never end.
  15. I completely agree. Giving up because it appears we may not win the fight? If we actually do what we can to get the truth out & make sure that the real information, the real facts are being fed to the public, especially the facts about Ray Halbritter & his agenda, then we can swing public opinion & turn this into a non-issue. But yeah, if we just give up like voice_of_reason seems to want to because he doesn't want to fight for what's right anymore, then yeah, we are going to lose. But as long as I have breath in my lungs, whether they are forced to change the name or not, I will always be a REDSKIN, forever. With pride! The fight song stays.
  16. I read this yesterday. A good read & this information here is what really needs to hit the mainstream media. I think if people knew where this all started & why, most people would probably feel differently about it.
  17. I appreciate your answer & totally agree. To clarify, my goal would be simply to show the diverse & abundance of people who support the name & that changing it would be unnecessary. And I love your idea. Maybe somehow combining the 2 would be something to consider as well, although I don't exactly know how that would work. Either way, I guess I'm just tired of the negativity always being aired & not enough of the actual facts & positives being put out there. I would love to see your idea put into action. People need to see/hear the truth. When someone at work says the name is derogatory without having anything to back that up, it frustrates me because I know he's not going to look up the information himself, but just follow the rest of the media rhetoric regardless of how wrong it is. Anyway, like I said, we need to see something put together to bring our side of this to light. One way or another.
  18. Question. Is it possible or even worth while to start a petition of sorts in support of the team name to have passed around online or otherwise to everyone that is willing to sign? We could have them sign their name, where they are from, & whether or not they are a Redskins fan & if not, who they are a fan of (mainly because if we have people who are fans of Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, 49ers, etc., it won't look like the only supporters are fans of the team). I'm not necessarily asking for permission or even whether I should start this, but rather just looking for opinions & maybe spark interest with people who have power of influence who might have a good way of starting such a thing...if, in fact, it's a good idea. Thoughts?
  19. I got into an argument at work during lunch today with a Falcons fan who basically regurgitated the mainstream media's beliefs that the name was used as derogatory. He started the conversation by asking if the Redskins were going to change the name yet, to which I responded with a truckload of facts about the Trademark laws at Federal & state levels, not to mention what it would take someone to get legal licenses from the NFL to sell or Redskins merchandise without the consent of the Redskins themselves. Then I presented the facts of how the word "Redskin" came into existence in the first place & where the logo came from & who made it for us & why. He says to me, "Well, the name was a derogatory term." "When?", I asked. "If this is true, then show me where it says that. When did this happen?" "Ok." & he rolled his eyes. I said, "You opened this door & I gave you facts. You asked me about my team & I gave you facts. You, on the other hand, give me hearsay & regurgitate what Bob Costas said about it, but have nothing more to present. Look it up & read your history. At no given time was the word "Redskin" ever used as a derogatory term on a society-wide level. The word that was used as a derogatory term was 'Savages'." At that, he changed the subject. I think a big reason why this hasn't gone away has a lot to do with the laziness of the general populous. They watch the news or Sportscenter & get little tidbits of information & think they are getting the whole story, the truth. Most of the time, people take what is said on these "news" shows & sporting news & believe it without question, without investigation & without research. And at this point, they hear people like Olberman & Costas speak against us & think, "well, they can't be wrong about this". With that, a lot of people are getting tired of hearing about & are getting worn down. There are already groups of people who previously didn't care (as with my co-worker today) that are now joining the growing numbers of people saying we should change it. And I think one of the biggest reasons is that they are tired of hearing about it & just want it to go away. "Just change it & shut them up already" I know I am, but I refuse to let this ignorance win out & I hope Snyder never does either.
  20. This is also where I fit as well. What strikes me about this whole thing is the overwhelming evidence in support of the name & logo that is defiantly ignored by the opponents. It truly makes no sense to me whatsoever. I have never witnessed such a blatant act of intentional ignorance for a cause that has more "feelings" than actual fact attached to it & most of these "feelings" come from people who are seemingly trying to tell the Native American community that they are wrong & should be offended & they need to be protected from people like "us". And most of them aren't even Native American. Here's my thing beyond that. Let's say, for the sake of the argument, the Redskins change the name. What's next? Are the Saints going to be forced to change their name because atheists are offended & don't believe that a football team should represent a religion? And what about the Raiders, the Vikings, & the Buccaneers? Will they have to change their names because their mascots all represent groups of people that raped, pillaged, & murdered for the pure joy of doing so? What about the Packers? God only knows who they could be offending with a name like that. If the Redskins bow to this pressure & change the name or if the Federal Govt forces the change, there is potentially no end in sight to this politically correct tsunami that will follow. I personally support the name & the logo fully & proudly & have even ordered a t-shirt that reads "Pride...not prejudice" with the logo between the dots. And I think we Redskins fans who do support the name & logo need to stay supportive & vocal for as long as this fight goes on. There's no reason to let these idiots win simply because they have made up their own history & beliefs about a word that, until a few years ago, they knew nothing about. That's my 2 cents.
  21. I agree. I know the guy has made a multitude of errors, but it seems that no matter what he does in terms of trying to fix or learn from his mistakes, people automatically hate on him. "Oh, he heard from the people & decided to start an Outreach for those suffering with [fill in the blank]? That selfish jerk! He's only doing it for his own personal gain & PR!" "The Dan started an organization about Original Americans & reaching out & helping Native Americans? He was sleazy about it & only did it because he's tired of people making him look bad in the media!" It's actually so over the top & quite ridiculous just how much people hate him. Even Redskins fans. Sometimes especially Redskins fans. People need to take a step back & appreciate the positive things he does...& not question his intentions or his motives. Regardless of what we think of his intent, his actions should speak loud enough. But hey, people are going to hate & justify it with their own logic & no one can talk them down because they don't want to be talked down. They hold onto that hate like a woobie, a comfort blanket that keeps them warm on chilly nights.
  22. Wow. That has to be one of the most ridiculous arguments I've ever read. The name offends you only because others have simply brought it to light that it could be offensive so therefore, you're offended (I'm assuming, of course, that as you were growing up a Redskins fan & people weren't whining about the name, the thought never crossed your mind that the name could be offensive). Except, you're a Skins fan so you're not offended, or at least not enough to want to see the name changed, so therefore, you're not in favor of the name change. However, if you were not a fan of the team & thereby affecting you personally, you would totally be in favor of changing the name. But you're making an argument based on a dictionary definition about the name being a "slur" because you like to fight on the internet about the very team you support. You are incredibly double-minded. That said, I am very much against the name change based on the fact that is largely not offensive to the people who matter the most. Acccording to everything I've read & heard myself, Native Americans themselves either couldn't care less or do not want the name to change. There are Native American schools that carry the moniker "Redskins" as there team mascot. Simple fact is, you can't please everyone. Some people are just going to have to live with the fact that they are offended. I am offended every day by the things I see & hear. Things on tv, things on the radio, things at work. If every time I was offended about something I cried about it, I wouldn't get anything done. The other side of this is, where does it end? Let's say for the sake of the argument that the Redskins are forced to change their name. Who's next? Are atheists going to ask that the Saints change their name because they don't believe that a team should represent a religion? Are animal rights extremists going to demand that any team named after an animal be changed because they believe that a team named after animals supports or promotes hunting & poaching? I mean, where does it end? People don't think about things like this anymore. They want instant gratifiation right now without thinking about the future consequences. All that matters is right now. Change the name & we'll deal with the consequences of our actions later. It's ridiculous.