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Same Carlos Rogers!


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Did anybody see Carlos Rogers missed interception against Dallas? :ols:

Just incase anyone missed it here's the link: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d8225f34a/GameDay-Cowboys-vs-49ers-highlights?continuous=true

My favorite part was "how does the ball hit you on the head?" LMFAO. This guy is really Stone hands, and bet this is the reason why the Cowboys won. I think they probaly targeted Rogers all day.

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Deion Sanders is confused, and rightfully so. He pretty much caught everything he was ever in a position to catch as a CB. Carlos Rogers on the other hand can't catch a cold. Seriously, this is the guy who said he felt he deserved to be paid up there with top CB's in the NFL (Asomugha) and basically said how ****ty it was to play in D.C. then he went out for his payday and managed to haul in a one year deal with the 49ers.

Why does that happen? Hmm well perhaps its because he lets interceptions hit him in the face....?

Now I don't know what each player's responsibilities are in the 49ers defense, but Rogers was standing opposite Holley and he stood still like a statue when the ball was snapped while Holley ran past him, and the safety who was pushed up to the line of scrimmage. Again, perhaps Carlos was supposed to stay in the flat on some sort of short zone coverage so he was naturally out of the play, but it looks a little bit more like he watched the play fake to choice, froze, and then realized he and his safety were both being completely burned by Holley.

The funny thing is, I've see this happen before only the skinny/fast WR wasn't Holley, it was DeSean Jackson. I remember watching Carlos bite so hard on play fakes, QB pump fakes, and holy **** that MNF game where he bit on like 4 double moves...what the hell.

I don't care if injuries have Byron Westbrook on the field, I'd rather have him than some loser with a ****ty attitude who can cover 90% of the game, fail miserably 10% of the game, and who drops every easy interception possible. I'm really not embellishing when I say that I could have caught half of the interceptions that Carlos Rogers has dropped in his career. Most human beings with average motor skills and hand eye coordination could have caught some of those interceptions. At some point it became clear to me that it was 100% a mental thing that he could not get over. Good riddance.

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I saw the game online and Carlos missed two INTs, although one would’ve been negated due to a bogus offsides penalty (which came on a 3rd down, giving the cowboys a first and they scored a TD the very next play). And he was a WR in high school.

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