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  1. You pick up other team's garbage off the scrap pile. Smith is trash.
  2. Smith is not a franchise QB. The team could have pulled him off a scrap heap, instead we traded a draft pick and a DB for him. Same old Redskins.
  3. Actually, our uniforms have changed subtly over the last few years. The hues are much different now. I'm in favor of keeping them. Teams with new uniforms such as Buffalo, Tennessee, Atlanta, Seattle, to name a few, look like crap. Snyder would be correct in this case to say, "If isn't broken, don't fix it."
  4. I'd like to see a gold jersey with the burgandy pants.
  5. Two solid colors for the uniform only works if the helmet is a different color (i.e. the Saints = black on black with gold helmet). I say create an alternate gold jersey to wear with the burgandy pants.