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  1. I hate the Cowboys more then any other team in Sports! :dallasuck
  2. The only time in recent history I can remember the Redskins wearing white jerseys in Dallas was the Monday Night Miracle and the Cowboys were wearing there throwbacks.
  3. I have not heard but I say bring back the Michelin Man Look! They Skins have wont the last two vs. the Cowboys with the white on white jerseys.
  4. I say bring back the white on white uniforms for the Cowboys Game. We beat them twice in a row at Fed Ex Field with the Michelin Man Look.
  5. I remember reading on this board earlier in the season that we will be wearing them again for the Bears Thurs Night Game. We will find out in a about 12 hours, would be nice, I got my Sean Taylor 75th Anniversary Jersey yesterday and plan on wearing it tonight when I watch the game.
  6. I got my personalized Mike Sellers Jersey and the NFL Shop messed it up! They put the current number style, red numbers w/ yellow out lines instead of all red numbers. I argued with the CSR and she told me that I have to call back tomorrow to talk to a supervisor. :cuss:
  7. My search function does not work in case it has been posted. I know we all thought that the Redskins would be wearing the Throwbacks for the Dolphins Home Opener. I found this on Redskins.com and does this mean they will be wearing the for the Giants Game? :whoknows:
  8. If they do I hope that the throwback jerseys will be ready for delivery by then. :fingersx:
  9. :finger: the Cowboys and there Fairweather Fans. :dallasuck
  10. We have to remember many of the Cowboy fans started rooting for team again when Romo became a media darling after not beeing associated with the team since 1999. I hate the Cowboys, I hate em, I hate em, I hate em!!!!! :cuss:
  11. I hear you, I am not a big fan of the Gold R Helmet. I heard that they went to that style of helmet the year Lombardi coached the Skins and they wanted something similar to Green Bay. If you look at the jerseys the stripes on the sleves looks the same as the Packers Jerseys.
  12. Looks like they got all the 75th Anniversary Patch Jersey posted now. Campbell, Landry, Moss, Cooley, Taylor & Portis. $84.00 Replica $305.00 Authentic :yikes:
  13. They have Jason Campbell Authentic 75th Anniversary Patch Jersey for $305.00. It is the regular jersey with the 75th Anniversary Patch on it. But I am not ready to fork out $305.00 on a Jason Campbell Jersey just yet with our history of QBs since Joe Theisman. :whoknows:
  14. :laugh: I actually ordered 2 t-shirts and 2 hats. One set to wear and one set to keep.
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